Women in 40s Higher IVF Success

in_vitro_fertilization_fertility_blog_Apr09.jpg Great news has emerged for women in their 40s undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. The success rates have increased over the past 2 years dramatically. Meaning that the instances of miscarriage, illness and complications for mother and child have lessened. IVF numbers in general have significantly increased over the years with more infertile couples opting to use IVF. Sydney Morning Herald reported on the success in Australia, "Better media for culturing embryos and improved techniques to select those most likely to develop healthily were disproportionately beneficial to older women, who produced eggs of more variable quality, said Peter Illingworth, the president of the Fertility Society of Australia. A trend in transferring embryos at the blastocyst stage, five or six days after fertilisation, rather than the two-to-three-day cleavage stage, had helped older women, Professor Illingworth said. This allowed more certain selection of the best-quality embryos." For years there was a large number of women in theri 40s struggling to conceive even with IVF, the success rates were low and there were some complications and dangers involved. So this brings great hope for older soon-to-be moms.
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