Yoga and Fertility

Yoga_and_Fertility_Fertility_Blog_April09.jpg Yoga has long been considered the sport of feeling zen, peaceful and healthy. But another perk to yoga has been publicized recently and that is yoga alleviating fertility woes. For infertile couples nothing is worse than stressing about the perils ahead with infertility treatments and the possibility of not conceiving at all. So some fertility experts recommend resting the body and mind with yoga. The Des Moines Register said, "For me, personally, yoga has been a source of stress reduction and balance," she said. "And for a lot of people struggling to conceive, there's that underlying stress. The focus (of the class) is clearly going to be inviting that reproductive energy in through a combination of breath, meditation and movement." When you're under constant stress, Hoover said, your body puts out stress hormones that deal more with survival functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. Those hormones also shut down reproduction. " There is no evidence in yoga improving fertility; however it is a great way to keep calm and healthy during times of severe stress.
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