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fertility_abroad_fertility_blog_May09.jpg Generally we think of studying abroad or plastic surgery abroad, but now fertility abroad is the newest trend to take on tinsel town and London-town. An increased number of infertile couples are opting to travel away from bustling cities like London, New York and LA for infertility treatments, egg donation and sperm banks, as they are finding high prices and not enough supply. Waiting times have drastically increased as have prices due to the economic slump. Marie Claire said, "There is no data collated on the number of women who seek *fertility treatment* abroad. However, Lorraine Culley, professor of social science and health at De Montfort University, who is leading a government-funded study of the subject, says that thousands of women a year may be seeking treatment abroad. "All the evidence is that cross-border reproductive care is growing," she said." The famous 66-year-old British woman who is the oldest mother post-IVF had her fertility treatment done in the Ukraine. If this trend continues, large fertility markets may be shifting to more developing countries.
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