Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatments

Insurance_fertility_blog_June09.jpg A large portion of infertile couples are unable to seek treatment for their fertility woes solely due to cost of procedures. Fertility treatments are very expensive and rarely does healthcare get involved in monetary aid. Similarly, most pay out pocket because employers have no benefits for such treatments either. Depending on the treatment and diagnosis treatments can cost up to $20,000, and in times of economic troubles it is virtually impossible for some to pay such high costs. Now fifteen US states are mandating fertility treatment coverage. Included in such coverage are according to the Examiner, "Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, California, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Montana, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and West Virginia." Hopefully with such mandates deployed fertility treatment will become more widely accessible for lower socioeconomic people likewise for all infertile couples.
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