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Herbal Remedies


Herbal medicine is used to cure a variety of medical conditions including infertility. These herbs can help the reproductive organs and regulate hormone levels. There are fewer side effects than conventional medicine, due to the decreased levels of chemicals.

There are 5 main herbal plants which the Examiner specified to be the most popular for infertility. Red clover relaxes the body and helps balance hormones. Black Cohosh has been prescribed to help prevent miscarriage. Dong Quai helps regulate menstrual cycles. False Unicorn Root encourages ovulation and Raspberry Leaf is used to nourish the uterus.

As with any medication, caution is needed prior to use. These medications are not FDA regulated. Your doctor may prescribe these herbal remedies in conjunction with other medications or infertility treatments.

Posted by Tala on 8/3/2009 4:59:45 PM

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