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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Why Choose Internet Marketing? It’s All in the Numbers!
• Estimates say there were over 200 million websites on the internet in January 2010
• Nearly 74% of North Americans use the internet

The online community is a huge, growing audience. Having an online presence that represents your practice well is becoming a vital part of modern business practices. Don’t lose your patients to other internet-savvy facilities!

Even if you have a website, networking services like FertilityProRegistry.com are valuable to maximizing your online impact. Enabling prospective patients to find you amid the millions of websites out there is essential for your online marketing to be effective. Joining an online network of physicians on a top ranking website can do wonders for your practice. Consider these facts:

• In April 2009 alone, 14.8 billion online searches were performed in the United States
• A study showed that 81% of internet users used search engines to find new websites

FertilityProRegistry.com already ranks for many of the top terms in the infertility industry. When you join the network, your facility benefits from both procedure and location-specific keyword rankings.

Reach out to potential new clients by making your facility’s information easy for them to find. FertilityProRegistry.com provides an established, identifiable entity for your practice to associate with, and specializes in connecting doctors with patients nationwide.

Friday, June 25, 2010
Refund Programs for IVF & Donor Egg IVF
There aren't many medical treatments that have such a clearly identifiable measure of outcome as in-vitro-fertilization: the result is that either a baby is born or is not. This clear cut "success or failure" quality can be intimidating for some couples, especially when they are trying to fit the cost of fertility treatments into their overall budget. Couples may worry that if they don't get pregnant right away, they may not be able to afford additional treatments. This pressure can even increase stress, which can negatively affect a woman's ability to conceive!

Many fertility clinics are now offering their patients outcome-based fee schedules. They offer pricing options with a significant, up to 100%, refund of the fee for the IVF cycle (medications not typically included) if the patient does not deliver a baby.

Specific offers and plans vary. Some centers that offer a "money back guarantee" plan allow only 3 attempts using fresh embryos. Other programs give the couple up to 4 cycles with fresh embryos, and frozen embryo and donor egg transfer cycles may also be included.

These outcome-based schedules are designed to increase a couple's opportunity to get the result they want--a baby--while managing the cost of IVF treatment.

This also allows patients to feel more comfortable with their finances, reducing stress and and helping them afford to pursue other options to build a family if IVF treatment isn't successful.

Talk to your fertility specialist about the payment options offered, and to learn more about how IVF can help you on the path to parenthood.

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