How Stem Cells Can Help Infertile Men

When we typically think about infertility, oftentimes we consider it mainly a women’s issue; however, in roughly 25 percent of infertile couples, it is the man who is infertile, so men should definitely also get tested.  

Luckily, stem cell research shows promise for helping men struggling with infertility. In a recent study, scientists at Japan’s Kyoto University have for the first time successfully created sperm from embryonic stem cells in mice, which were then used to produce healthy offspring. Using stem cells from mice, they were able to produce genetic precursors to sperm, which were used to fertilize mouse eggs in a lab dish. These fertilized eggs were implanted into female mice, developed normally as embryos and ultimately were born as healthy pups. Further, these pups fathered their own healthy offspring. This experiment leads researchers to be cautiously optimistic that the experiment could one day lead to an alternative treatment for infertility in men.

Stem cell research is just one of the many possible breakthroughs being explored in modern medicine today. Couples experiencing infertility issues should seek guidance from an experienced specialist to learn about the newest treatments and options available to begin their journey into parenthood. Click here to find a specialist in your local area.

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