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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Nicole Kidman Opens up About Infertility Struggle

Nicole Kidman has opened up to talking about new baby Faith, the child born to her and husband Keith Urban, on Dec. 28 with the help of a surrogate.

The birth was "so deeply emotional and moving," Kidman says in an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes. She utilized the help of a surrogate mother, who carried the child after fertility treatments were used to enable Kidman and Urban to be the biological parents of baby Faith. "She was the most wonderful woman to do this for us. We were in the place of desperately wanting another child and this opportunity arose for us. I couldn't get pregnant and we wanted another baby. I get emotional even talking about it because I'm so grateful to her."

Kidman candidly spoke about her difficulties getting pregnant, beginning with an ectopic pregnancy she suffered ealier in her life when married to Tom Cruise. "I've had a very, very roller coaster ride with fertility. It has never been easy for me."

Now, she proudly says, "I have two gorgeous adopted children (Bella, 18, and Connor, 16) and two gorgeous biological children (Sunday, 2, and baby Faith). I can't believe what's happened."

Infertility can be a difficult struggle for many women and couples, but through modern medical technology, the dream of having a biological family can be achieved through a variety of treatments. Talk to a specialist today to learn more.

Friday, February 11, 2011
Celebrities Turn to Surrogacy to Grow Their Families
As infertility treatments become increasingly common among Americans, so they are also growing in popularity among celebrities.

Just a few weeks ago actress Nicole Kidman and her musician husband Keith Urban, both 43, announced that they had welcomed a second daughter into the family on December 28. Faith Margaret Kidman Urban was born to a surrogate mother at the Centennial Medical Centre. The couple are reported to be the biological parents of Faith, made possible by the use of gestational surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy means that the mother and father donate their eggs and sperm, respectively, and the embryo is then placed in the surrogate mother’s uterus, where the pregnancy develops. Since the surrogate mother’s eggs are not used, the baby will have the DNA of the couple, rather than the surrogate.

Nicole Kidman has reportedly struggled with fertility and miscarriage, and has previously undergone IVF treatment. But ultimately, gestational surrogacy was the best choice for her.

“No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, particularly our gestational carrier,” Kidman and Urban said in a press release.

Another famous couple, Sir Elton John and his legal partner, David Furnish, also turned to surrogacy as a means to build their family.

A son named Zachary was born to the world famous singer, 63, and Furnish, 48, on December 25, 2010 to a surrogate mother. In this case, traditional surrogacy was likely used, where one of the father’s sperm was joined with the surrogate mother’s egg via IUI.

These uplifting stories prove that no matter the avenue used, creating a family is a beautiful, invaluable experience. To learn more about surrogacy, click here.

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