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Dear Dr. Leondires

We never thought we would be in a position where we had to worry about weekly blood tests, nightly injections and tearful consultations just to have a baby but life is full of things you don't expect - some good and some challenging. Through this particular challenge you have been a great guide and support. You have always helped us understand all of our options, considered the cost/insurance impacts with us, and in the end helped us choose a course of treatment that was right for our situation.

When it became clear that things were not working as we had hoped after our first IVF cycle you were there to offer reassurance. We appreciated your flexibility and patience the week leading up to the surgery and especially the night of the surgery. You really helped us by calming our fears, helping us make a decision, and seeing us through the night (from arrival at the hospital to explaining the findings afterwards). Of course we are also thankful for the success of the procedure and the fact that we were through the hospital quickly with no further complications and with a quick recovery. The fact that you rescheduled appointments to come and do the surgery and then followed up the next day - on a Saturday - was above and beyond.

So we just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for always hearing us out, for giving us guidance when we felt lost, for always providing hope when we feel on the edge of being hopeless, for reaching out on your day off, for going the extra mile for your patients. It means the world to us.


C.S. Weston, CT

Dear Dr. Leondires

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I will forever remember your birthday for many reasons:

1). We found out we were expecting on your birthday, which a week later turned out to be TWINS. 2). Considering how important you have been in our lives, we tend not to forget things like that.3). A birthday is a birthday and it's that special day that you should be celebrated.

You do terrific things at RMACT, you make so many people happy, and I hope that you realize that each day. Even with the stress of the procedures and sometimes not a positive outcome, the hope that you give and the determination you show means the world to the patients.

A.K., Brewster, NY

Highest regards

We are the proud parents of 3 1/2 year old twin girls and a 1 1/2 year old son, all of whom were "conceived" at RMACT. We switched from another practice to RMACT, and the difference was night and day. We have nothing but fabulous things to say about the care of our doctors and nurses at RMACT - all of whom were friendly, straight-forward, helpful and ethical. They involved us in every decision and we always had final say. We have a family thanks to RMACT.

C.R., Norwalk, CT

Thank you!

Trying to conceive our first born was a long journey with many obstacles, but through it all RMACT was tremendous. Dr. Leondires gave us the best care and support that any couple could find. Looking back, what stands out the most to us is the time he took to explain, often with great detail, exactly what was happening and making us comfortable with the treatment we sought. It is not only the doctors that make a difference, but the staff as well. My patient care coordinator, Cori, and nurse, Nora, quickly got to know me. They made sure all of our needs, including my emotional ones, were met. We will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for us and every time I look into my son's eyes, I am reminded of the hard work and dedication it took to help create him.

CS, Newburgh, NY

Nurse recommended

"I suffer from Endometriosis and was blessed with two children. I am a Night Nurse for people that have premature multiple births.Many of my clients have had Dr. Leondires as their Fertility Specialist and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about his staff, bedside manner and results of pregnancy. Based on my clients response I would personally use and highly recommend Dr. Leondires as a specialist in his field."


Forever grateful!

John and I cannot thank you enough for giving us this opportunity to announce that we are PARENTS!! Our healthy baby boy was born in November weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs 7 oz and measuring 21 inches long.

After all of the emotional ups and downs we traveled through along our journey of infertility, the ending has been priceless. After being released to our OB/Gyn, the pregnancy continued to progress flawlessly and I had the most unimaginable nine months of my life! I cherished every day I was pregnant, lived every moment of it, and treasured every sensation of growing this beautiful life.

You gave us the chance to become a mother and father, and we will be forever grateful. Your encouragement, patience, knowledge and magic are what brought our son to us. He is truly a miracle and we have you to thank.

J.N., Stratford, CT

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