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You and your husband have anticipated this moment for a few years now, finally it's time to have that baby, but you just can't seem to conceive. There are a number of reasons that affect both men and women causing infertility. But don't be too discouraged, fertility issues can be addressed by your physician at a fertility clinic, and may be remedied by artificial insemination.

If both you and your partner have fertility issues where you are unable to conceive naturally there are numerous artificial insemination procedures available to you. You will need to talk to your physician, there are a lot of reasons why you can't conceive, and your doctor can run a few tests to help find the answer why. Infertility can be treated in a variety of ways like changing your diet, or the use of medication, but surgery may be the option that is most effective.

For your husband, your doctor will start by running some tests to determine the number, the shape and his sperm move as well as some hormone tests to determine if he has the infertility problem.

Sperm temperature is the most common factor that shuts down male fertility. If your mate wears underwear that is too tight or even if it is too loose, that will affect his ability to produce sperm, reducing the number that he produces as well as the strength of the sperm which will not be able to properly fertilize the egg.

For you, your doctor will try to determine whether or not you ovulate every month, by having you keep track of your morning body temperature and in the texture of your cervical mucus or by an ovulation test kit. Your doctor will also test your hormone levels and ovaries.

Female infertility can be caused by a variety of complications like blocked fallopian tubes where the egg is heading down the tube and suddenly is stopped by a cyst or other growth that prevents it from reaching the uterus. And the egg is shut down and so are your chances of conceiving.

No matter what the reason is for your infertility, you doctor will be able to share with you a variety of infertility treatments that may help you to conceive. Your test results will determine what procedures can be used whether it's drugs or surgery. So schedule an appointment today at a fertility clinic near you.

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