Natural Fertility Enhancement: Traditional Methods Help Modern Couples

If you’re experiencing the discouragement and frustration of infertility, you’re probably familiar with in vitro fertilization and other forms of assisted reproductive therapy that can help increase your chances of conception. But did you know there are techniques you can use to improve the results of those methods, as well? Natural fertility enhancement comprises a wide range of techniques and activities that can help you get more from your ART procedures, and often can help increase your chances of conceiving naturally, as well.

Two of the most popular natural fertility enhancement options are fertility acupuncture and massage. Long heralded among Eastern medicine practitioners as an effective means of therapy for a wide range of conditions, fertility acupuncture ( is usually conducted three to four months prior to attempting conception through ART or naturally, and often even following transfer of the embryo. Fertility acupuncture is often performed in conjunction with other natural techniques, such as holistic healing, nutritional counseling, or another popular enhancement technique: fertility massage.

Who doesn’t like a massage? By stimulating superficial and deep tissues, massage naturally release “feel good” hormones and chemicals and helps reduce stress, which fertility experts recognize as a major barrier to successful conception. Massage also improves blood flow, which can help important nutrients reach the uterus and other vital organs, allowing for overall better general health and enhanced immunity.

Because infertility is often associated with higher levels of stress and even depression, fertility massage offers real relief for many women trying to conceive. While some techniques focus on the belly, others incorporate full body massage to achieve effects. Be sure to seek out a licensed massage therapies with ample training to determine a routine that’s best for you.

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