Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Every week couples in America are looking into gender selection. Whether they want to select the sex of the baby because they've had all girls or all boys on their own, or just wanting the freedom of choice, preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD, is becoming more and more popular among couples.

PGD or pre-implantation genetic diagnosing is achieved by utilizing IVF. The woman's eggs are taken and injected with sperm to form the embryo. Once the embryo has formed, DNA sampling can determine the sex and then depending on your choice, male or female embryos can be placed back in the uterus.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosing can be costly, usually running around $20,000. The flip side is that this procedure has almost a 100% success rate.

About Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA)

Reproductive Biology Associates

Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) was established in 1983 as Georgia's first IVF center. RBA is a world renowned leader in the development and refinement of clinical procedures and scientific techniques, which enhance pregnancy outcomes.
RBA's leadership includes:

  • Georgia's first IVF birth
  • First anonymous egg donation program in Georgia
  • First birth in Georgia using a gestational carrier
  • First IVF program in the U.S. to achieve a birth through ICSI
  • First IVF program in Southeast to achieve a pregnancy with the aid of PGD
  • First births in Western Hemisphere from frozen donor eggs
  • First clinic in the U.S. to introduce Lysed Cell Removal (LCR)
  • First frozen egg bank in the U.S., with the largest inventory of available frozen donor eggs in the world.
They know that making the decision to seek infertility care can be overwhelming and that a patient's course of treatment can be costly and stressful. The physicians and staff of RBA are dedicated to providing state of the art, efficient, specialized care, in an environment of compassion and concern. They are here to help you achieve your goal of parenthood and we offer…New Hope for New Life.

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