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For those who have been unable to have a child of their own, and infertility treatments have either failed or were not an option, surrogacy is the last option.

Surrogacy is the process of choosing someone to carry your baby for you. Your egg is fertilized with either your partner's sperm or donor sperm and the inserted in the surrogate's uterus.

The cost of surrogacy can vary from $60,000-$150,000 per try. It often takes two or three attempts before a surrogate becomes pregnant.

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At Fertility Specialists of Houston, our team of doctors and staff strive to make your experience the best possible during this difficult time. We strive to provide exceptional, compassionate care. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the family of your dreams.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services. Or schedule an appointment to come in and talk with one of our physicians who would be happy to help you start your journey to parenthood.

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