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FertilityProRegistry.com Welcomes Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine!


Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine provides excellent care and service to couples interested in in vitro fertilization in American Fork. All procedures are performed using the latest equipment and medical technology to cater to patient safety and well-being. The medical professionals on staff have been thoroughly trained and are experienced in providing treatments to couples having trouble conceiving. In vitro fertilization is a procedure that involves combining the sperm and egg in a dish in a laboratory so that an embryo is created. The embryo is then implanted in the woman's uterus where she will carry the child to term. Couples should speak with a medical professional on staff at this facility for a more detailed explanation of this treatment and its possible side effects. The success rate for IVF may vary depending on several factors including age and health. Patients should discuss their candidacy for this procedure as well.

Also serving the following cities near American Fork UT:
Alpine | American Fork | Draper | Lehi | Lindon | Orem | Pleasant Grove

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