Micro IVF in Miami, Florida

Women who undergo Micro IVF are given milder hormone stimulation than those who undergo traditional IVF procedures. This has a few benefits as the milder stimulation may carry a lower risk of side effects from the fertility medication. What's more, each session of Micro IVF is less expensive than traditional IVF, although it also has a lower success rate as fewer quality eggs may produced. The lower chance of success per session may ultimately lead to a higher overall cost to the patient, however, as it may require more sessions to reach success than with traditional IVF.

Micro IVF involves all of the fundamental steps required for traditional IVF only there is milder hormone stimulation. The woman is monitored and when the time is right egg retrieval is performed with a fine needle. Quality eggs are then combined with sperm in a dish that also contains a nutrient medium. This allows the fertility specialist to create embryos which are then transferred to the uterus for implantation. To help lower the risk of multiple births, the number of embryos transferred to the uterus is limited. With the possibility that fewer quality eggs are produced with Micro IVF, the risk fo multiple births may already be lower than with traditional IVF.

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