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Nutritional Counseling in Houston, TX

Houston IVF
Timothy N. Hickman, M.D.
Laurie J. McKenzie, M.D.
Katherine K. McKnight, M.D.
929 Gessner #2300

Houston, Texas 77024
Contact/Email Doctor
Toll Free: 713-396-3667

Dr. Sheldon H. F. Marks
Houston, TX
Contact/Email Doctor
Toll Free: 281-407-7231

About Nutritional Counseling

Fertility nutritional counseling is for couples who wish to conceive or who may already be pregnant. A fertility nutrition counseling session takes between 1-2 hours.

Your fertility nutritional counselor will take an extensive look at your health and medical history, your diet history, and your lifestyle choices that have made a difference in your current state of health. During this session, your specific needs and goals will be considered so you are provided with a personalized program that works for you.

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