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How can I have donor eggs put inside me?

I'm gay and would like to have my girl friends baby with her eggs. How exactly could this be done?

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Too old to have a baby? Is gender selection possible? (4 answers)
I am 48 years old and my husband and I wish to have a child. My daughter from my previous marriage has offered to be a surragote. Am I too old and is it possible to have gender selection? My husband and I both have girls and wish to have a son.

Does PCOS automatically disqualify me from becoming a surrogate? (3 answers)
I have always wanted to become a surrogate mother. Unfortunately, this year I was diagnosed with PCOS b/c of high testosterone levels which are now under control thanks to medication. Does this automatically disqualify me from becoming a surrogate?

Could a surrogacy pregnancy be rejected? (3 answers)
Could my body reject the baby?

Does blood type affect surrogacy? (3 answers)
In a surrogacy where the birth mother isn't biologically related to the child, could the birth mothers' blood type have a bad reaction with the embryo's?

Is it cheaper to use the surrogate's eggs or my own? (3 answers)
Me and my husband want kids. Luckily, my sister said she would carry the baby for us. Would it be cheaper if she uses here eggs with my husband's sperm? Or, would it be more cost effective to use my own eggs? Thank you.

Can I be a surrogate at age 41? (3 answers)
I am 41 years old and would like to be a surrogate for my cousin. I have had two healthy pregnancies of my own and am in good health. Is it possible or is age a huge factor?

Age & Other Factors for Surrogacy (2 answers)
I am 43 years of age with a tubal Ligation, in very good health, with no past medical conditions. My daughter (age 23) has discussed me being a surrogate for her and her husband. Is this possible and what concerns would we have?

Is surrogacy right for me? (2 answers)
I had a partial hysterectomy in my early 20's. Though I still have my ovaries, I would like to have someone else carry the baby. Is this possible?

Can I use my eggs for a gestational surrogate if I've had a urterine ablation? (2 answers)
I am 43 years old and in good health but had a uterine ablation and want to know if I am able to use my eggs for a gestational surrogate. Or because of the surgery, is my only option the traditional surrogate?

How should one begin the process of becoming a Surrogate/ (2 answers)
I wish to be a surrogate mother.

Is traditional or gestational surrogacy more common? (2 answers)
Which is the more popular choice?

Could I be a gestational surrogate? (2 answers)
I am 46, have had my tubes clipped, and had endometrial ablation. Could I be a gestational surrogate?

How do I become a surrogate? (2 answers)
I am interested in helping others become parents. Where is the best place to go to get more information about becoming a surrogate for a couple unable to conceive? Should I go through an agency or fertility clinic?

Is it possible to get eggs off of one ovary? (2 answers)
If I had to have a hysterectomy, I've remarried, and he has no children; is it possible to get an egg for fertilization?

How do I become a Surrogeat Mother? (2 answers)
I am wanting to become a surrogeat mother and I am wanting to know the steps I need to take to make this happen. I love my children I would love to make it possible for someone to have children who normally wouldn't be able to themselves.

What steps do I have to go through to get a surrogate for me and my husband. (2 answers)
I would like to use my eggs and my husbands sperm. We want a baby and I have had a partial hysterectomy. I would love to get pregnant myself but dont know if that is possible. What would be the proper steps to take to find a surrogate?

Is our surrogate's breast milk the healthiest choice? (2 answers)
I would like for our baby to receive the recommended milk by our doctor, but am curious as to whether our surrogate's breast milk is the healthier choice. Which milk would you suggest? Is one better than the other? It was an in vitro fertilization surrogacy with a gestational carrier.

I just turned 40 years old and also gave birth to my new son. Would I qualify for surrogacy? (1 answer)

If I find my own surrogate is it cheaper? (1 answer)
I wanted to know if I find someone myself to be a surrogate, would it be alot cheaper than going through and agency or attorney. I have had complete hysterectomy and remarried and want a child with my current husband.

Are there any height and weight limits to become a gestational surrogate mother? (1 answer)
I am 33, 5'1" and currently weigh 219 pounds and have recently lost 70 pounds with a healthy diet and exercise. I have two children (delivered full term 1st natural 2nd c-section). Would I be a candidate to be a surrogate?

Would I be able to donate my eggs or become a surrogate if I am on methadone? (1 answer)
I would love to help others have a family. I am done having my family and have always wanted to help others have a family, but would like to know of any complications from methadone?

Can I become a surrogate if I've been sterilised? (1 answer)
I've been steriised over three years and would really love to become a surrogate, is this still a possibility?

If we go through your agency do you find a surrogate or do we go through a lawyers office first? (1 answer)
If we go through your agency do you find a a surrogate or do we go through a lawyers office first?

Would I still be able to be a gestational surrogate if I have genital herpes? (1 answer)
I have genital herpes. Will I still be able to be a gestational surrogate for my friends?

Becoming a surrogate (1 answer)
Can becoming a surrogate interfer with you having more of your own children in the future?

Egg donation and Surrogacy (1 answer)
Hello, I'm trying to get an idea of what our options are. My g/f has had a hysterectomy but still have her ovaries. Would it be possible for her to donate her eggs (she is 32) and using IVF use my sperm to have a surrogate carry our child?

Can you have a sister be your suffogate and what does that involve? (1 answer)
Can you have a sister be your suffogate and what does that involve?

How much would surrogacy cost if I have my own gestational carrier? (1 answer)
I have a person willing to carry the baby for my boyfriend and I. Without her charges, what would the cost me to make her the surrogate as far as the medical end?

No luck with gestational surrogacy. Traditional Surrogacy? (1 answer)
After no luck with gestational surrogacy, an the embryonologist telling me I do not have good enough eggs, my husband and our surrogate mother want to do traditional surrogacy using her eggs and my husbands sperm. Any advice?

Am I a good candidate for surrogacy? (1 answer)
I am interested in becoming a surrogate mother, but I have ulcerative colitis and would need to stay on Remicade. Does that automatically exclude me?

Can I become a surrogate or egg donor at age 19? (1 answer)
I would really like to help couples that cannot have a child have one, so I would really love to become a surrogate mother. However, everywhere I look you have to be 21. I will be 20 this year, but I just would love to help people. Is there a way to become a surrogate mother or egg donor at age 19 if I am perfectly healthy and have had one child?

What is the legal minimum age for a surrogate mother to carry? (1 answer)
I have been told that the minimum age is 21, but I have found no specific law stating an age requirement, only a recommended age range. Does having a child already change anything for age requirement? I'm located in the USA

Can psychiatric medicine affect the health of your eggs? (1 answer)

Can my eggs still be used for surrogacy if I'm 42 years old and have had a partial hysterectomy? (1 answer)
I'm a 42 year old who is thinking of having a baby. I've had a partial hysterectomy and am wondering if my eggs/my husband's sperm could be implanted into a family member who is willing to carry the baby for us. Is this possible?

Should I use a surrogate or continue to try to get pregant on my own? (1 answer)
My fiance and I have been trying for a while for a child and no success. We have a very close family friend who said she would be a surrogate for us but I don't know if I could use my eggs. I have taken home fertility tests and they came back positive. Should I continue to try to get pregnant on my own, or should I look into having her be a surrogate?

I'd like to surrogate. How do I start if I cannot find an agency? (1 answer)
A simple Google search not only brings up 0 results for agencies, it tells me there is no law regarding surrogacy for my state. It is likened to adoption. What do I do in this case? Specifically for a gestational surrogacy.

I had a full hysterectomy, can a surrogate use my eggs? If so, what are the chances that my eggs are viable? (0 answers)
I've had a full hysterectomy. I want to know if a surrogate could use my eggs. If so, what are the chances that my eggs are viable?

Can I become a surrogate mother if I'm a healthy 42 year old? (0 answers)
I am 42 years old and am in good health. I have a 15-year-old son and have never faced any gynecological problems in my life. Can I become a surrogate mother?

Am I too old to be a surrogate mother? (0 answers)
I am 46 years old and have had two live births. Though my tubes are tied, I am in good health. There were no complications during either pregnancies and I loved the experience. Am I too old to be a surrogate mother?

I wish to be a surrogate, I would use another woman's egg and a donors sperm, is this possible? (0 answers)
My partner and i want to have a baby. We would be using her egg and a donors sperm, but I will be the surrogate mother. Is this possible to do? How long does this process usually take?

What is the screening process for potential surrogate mothers? (0 answers)
My husband and I have tried many fertility treatments unsuccessfully. We’re now considering surrogacy, and are wondering what the screening process for women wishing to become surrogates involves?

What are the benefits and risks associated with surrogacy? (0 answers)
What are some benefits of surrogacy?? also what are the risks of surrogacy?

How does one become a Surrogate? (0 answers)
What is the process one goes through as a Surrogate?

Why must you be at least 21 to be eligible for Surrogacy? (0 answers)
I was wondering why 21 years is the minimum age to become a surrogate mother.

Can single men qualify to use surrogacy? (0 answers)
I'm a single male who would like to have a child, and I am doing research on surrogacy as an option. Can you let me know if single men can be qualified or approved to use surrogacy to become a parent?

Blood types and surrogacy (0 answers)
My daughter is blood type B-. I want to be a surrogate for her. I am AB+. will there be any blood type complications regarding the Rh factor that we need to address? She has just received the injection for Rh after she miscarried.

What is the maximum surrogacy age? (0 answers)
I am 45 years old and have a six year old child. I am interested in becoming a surrogate. I am in excellent health - in much better shape than women half my age. I was wondering if it would be possible to become a surrogate even though I am 45 years old?

If you just had a baby but want to be a surrogate, would it affect the baby? (0 answers)
I recently just had a baby through c-section and was wondering if I wanted to be a surrogate, would it affect the baby?

How would I become a gestational surrogate? (0 answers)
I want to become a gestational carrier for a couple who is unable to have kids. How would I go about becoming a gestational surrogate for them?

I'm 36 years old, can I become a surrogate? (0 answers)

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