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What are the qualifications for sperm donation?

Is the selection process as strict for sperm donation as egg donation?

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How long is donated sperm viable? (1 answer)
How long can it be safely stored?

I suffer from mild depression can I still donate my sperm? (1 answer)
If I am suffering from depression is it safe to donate my sperm?

How much money do you get for donating sperm? (0 answers)
Going through really hard time in life, running out of options. how much does it pay to donate sperm?

Do men interested in Sperm Donation have to be screened for medical problems? (0 answers)
Are all medical problems taken into account or only genetic diseases?

Are you paid for making sperm donations? (0 answers)
Are you paid for making donations, and if so what are you paid ?

Can sperm donors meet their biological children when they become adults? (0 answers)
How is biological parental involvement typically handled at sperm banks?

Is a sperm donor liable for child support (0 answers)
Can a woman sue a sperm donor for child support?

Cost of getting a sperm donation? (0 answers)
How much is it to get a sperm donation? and how old do you have to be to get the sperm donation?

My girlfriend and I want to have a child, but we don't know how much it would cost or how old you have to be to get a sperm donation.

DIY sperm donor and woman (0 answers)
What time frame do we need to keep in mind from the time that the sperm is outside of the body to get it back into the woman without storing/freezing it?

Process in selecting a sperm donor? (0 answers)
What is the process in selecting an unknown sperm donor? I am going to be 35 and don't have any options for a permanent male partner in the near future.

What is oldest acceptable age for donating sperm? (0 answers)

What are the eligibility criteria for donating sperm? (0 answers)
Would congenital glaucoma disqualify someone from donating sperm?

Can a 35-year-old man donate sperm? (0 answers)
I'm interested in being a sperm donor, but am I too old to be considered at age 35? And, what do I need to do?

How long after the initial exam and questionnaire can a person donate sperm? (0 answers)
What is the typical time-frame for this process?

Does a sperm donor ever meet the woman who receives the sperm? (0 answers)

Can I donate sperm if i had cancer years ago? (0 answers)
I'm in perfect health now, never had chemo, and have no drawbacks other than that.

Do you get paid for donating sperm? What is the process and how long does it take? (0 answers)

Can I donate my sperm at age 24? (0 answers)
I want to donate my sperm. I'm a 24-year-old single male who is 6"1' and has an athletic body. I am Indian and currently living in Saudi Arabia.

Is sperm donation a one-time thing, or can anyone just drop in and donate occasionally? (0 answers)

Do you get paid for donating your sperm? (0 answers)

What's the maximum age you can be to donate sperm? (0 answers)
I'm 43 years old, in good physical condition, and am constantly mistaken for someone 10 years younger. What's the maximum age you can be to donate sperm?

Can I donate sperm for storage and potential later personal use? Can anyone in great health over the age 40 donate sperm? (0 answers)
I am interested in an examination to determine if I would be a candidate for sperm donation - either for others' use or my own future use, as in the case of remarriage. I am over 40, but in excellent health, and would like to discuss this possibility.

Can you donate sperm in the U.S. if you are a foreigner who is just visiting? (0 answers)
Hi, I'm a Norwegian student currently traveling the U.S. I'm majoring in physics and am in perfectly good health. My hair is blonde and my eyes are blue. I think I might have something rare to offer. Can I, as a foreigner, donate my sperm in the U.S.? If so, what do I have to do?

Can I donate my sperm if I had a curable STD more than three years ago when I was 15? (0 answers)

Can donating sperm be harmful to your health? Is there a particular diet I should have before and after donation? (0 answers)

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