Cost and Financing of Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture is no longer considered to be an experimental treatment by the medical community. The FDA approved acupuncture for medial treatments in 1996, allowing this procedure to be used for a variety of problems, including infertility. For those considering acupuncture for fertility issues, the price is something to consider.

Costs of Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture treatment costs can vary widely, depending on the practitioner and the location of the practice.? Some treatments can be as low as $50, while others may be as high as $100 for one session.? Much of the cost will be determined by the extent of needle placement, where the needles have been placed, how long they need to be in place, etc. Some patients will also need to return for several treatments to see the maximum benefits. Often, treatment courses can be ten to twelve sessions over a period of many weeks.

Financing Acupuncture Costs for Infertility

Some insurance companies are beginning to include acupuncture treatments as a part of their health plan. Patients who are considering acupuncture should check with their policy ahead of time. In most cases, the treatments are not covered fully, which leaves the patient to cover the remainder of the bills. Some acupuncture clinics offer financing for larger treatment courses, though many patients opt to simply pay out of pocket for the therapy.

With acupuncture treatments, many women have been able to conceive more easily, with and without additional fertility treatments. Though no fertility treatment is 100% effective, acupuncture is safe, often effective, and becoming more widely available.