Alternative Infertility Treatments: Cranial Osteopathy

Alternative infertility treatments are becoming popular in comparison to conventional treatment methods for infertility, such as IVF or IUI. Alternative infertility treatment therapies boost the functioning of the body as well as its reproductive system through natural ways. They aim at achieving natural fertility or increase the success rates of traditional fertility treatments. There are various kinds of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, etc.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a treatment methodology conducted by a trained osteopath. It is a ‘hand movement’ technique used by the osteopath to find body motions and areas that have restrictions or congestions. An osteopath having essential knowledge about the anatomy of the body, locates areas that have stress and releases those stresses, thus improving organ functioning.


Osteopathic treatment for infertility helps in better functioning of the muscle skeletal, pelvic bones, hormones, circulatory system, as well as the release of emotional stress. The main causes for infertility are problems connected to the pelvic region, hormonal imbalances, emotional stress and other associated ailments. Cranial Osteopathy relives tensions in these areas and enables normal functioning, thus contributing to fertility possibilities.

How It Works

The Cranial Osteopathy for infertility focuses on the pelvis region and the skull of the female enabling a natural rhythm of the spinal fluid, release of hormones and smooth functioning of supporting structures. The outcomes of this treatment on the female reproductive system are: local stimulation of pelvic organs enhancing mobility; release of hormones for achieving fertility (from the cranial, ovary, thyroid and pituitary glands); and enhancing of respiratory, circulation and elimination functions.

Other Benefits

  1. Helps prevent miscarriages - Infertility does not just limit with the ability to conceive, but also interferes with pregnancy achieving its full term. Cranial Osteopathy helps not only in treating conception issues, but also in treating problems associated with pregnancy, such as miscarriages after conception. Miscarriages happen for numerous reasons and many of them are unknown and not preventable. Cranial Osteopathy prevents unknown miscarriages by stabilizing the pregnancy and allowing it to reach its full term. Osteopathic treatment for infertility is a holistic approach focusing on conception to successful child birth.
  2. Relief from pregnancy discomforts - Cranial Osteopathy enables relief from discomforts, which are common during pregnancy. Women who achieve pregnancy after alternative infertility treatment also face multiple challenges, as the body goes through various changes during this phase. With the progress in pregnancy, the pelvic bone widens, the lumbar curvature increases and the body gains weight, all causing pregnancy discomforts. However, continuing the osteopathic treatment during each stage of pregnancy enables the body to adapt to changes and makes pregnancy comfortable. Some of the pregnancy discomforts that can be relieved are elimination of back pain, headaches, joint discomforts, heart burns, morning sickness, breathing difficulties and nausea.
  3. Prepares the body for labor - The Cranial Osteopathy enables a more relaxed and trouble free labor by enhancing a greater amount of flexibility to the pelvic and the abdomen region. If there has been any trauma to the pelvic bones or any tensions near the pelvis, then these can affect the normal labor. Osteopathic treatment makes an easy way for a normal and stress-free labor.
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