Alternative Infertility Treatments: Homeopathy

If you are seeking alternative infertility treatments, homeopathy is something you should look into. Homeopathy may be used to improve fertility levels both in men and women by improving their physical and mental health.


Homeopathy is a natural treatment technique that helps improve physical and mental health. The homeopathic remedies are various and will be designed specifically for each patient in part, judging by the patient’s health condition, symptoms and lifestyle. The remedies will be a mixture of different plant extracts, minerals or other animal derived substances. These remedies may be administered as pellets, tablets or liquid form.

Homeopathy uses dilutions that will be changed throughout the treatment until the patient shows signs of improvement. The dilutions will contain less and less concentrations of the compounds as the treatment advances. Towards the end of the treatment, the dilution will not contain any traces of the substances used. Homeopathic remedies should be applied for at least 3 months before results start to show.

Homeopathy and Infertility

Homeopathy may be applied to improve fertility both in men and women. The homeopath will assess the condition of the patient and find if there are additional factors that may contribute the infertility. A dilution will be administered, tailored to the patient’s condition. The dilution for infertility problems may include:

  • Sepia 6c, which can be effective in regulating the menstrual cycle and the ovulation
  • Aurum, which is helpful in increasing sex drive and sperm motility
  • Medorrhinum, which can help erectile dysfunctions and impotence
  • Sabina 6c, recommended for women that have had 1 or several miscarriages

The dilutions may contain additional compounds that are meant to boost immunity, such as silica or phosphorous, which can be helpful in relieving anxiety and stress. The dilutions are meant to improve the overall reproductive health. Additional compounds may be added if the patient has certain medical conditions.

Other Conditions Homeopathy Treats

Homeopathy has been successfully used to treat eczemas, anxiety, stress, depression, sexual issues or chronic fatigue syndrome. Some of these conditions may contribute to infertility. Homeopathy may also be used during pregnancy and has been reported to diminish the pregnancy symptoms (i.e. morning sickness, heartburn or back pain).

Possible Side Effects

If administered as prescribed by the homeopath, there should be no major side effects. The patients may experience nausea or headaches at the beginning of the treatment, but these should clear after a few weeks of treatment.


There are no major contraindications for homeopathic treatments. These treatments may be safely applied in a wide range of patients. The effectiveness of the treatment should be monitored. After 3 to 6 months of treatment, the patient should try conceiving. If the attempts are not successful, a new dilution can be composed.

Not all patients respond to homeopathic treatments, but this may be an alternative treatment. Other alternative treatment may also be considered. Yoga or therapy may be combined with homeopathy for more optimal results.