Benefits and Risks of Fertility Massage

The benefits and risks of fertility massage can vary depending upon which fertility massage you experience. Fertility massage has become a popular treatment for couples who have been having issues conceiving. Studies show that there are many benefits that you may experience that can be directly linked to fertility massages. One massage technique that has been used to help patients increase their chances of being able to conceive a child is the wurn technique.

Many couples become frustrated when they are having trouble conceiving. This is one of the reasons why some are often encouraged to try another option like a fertility massage. However, some couple are not aware of fertility massages until after they have tried fertility treatments which have been unsuccessful.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

Fertility massages can be a beneficial option for you because they can reduce stress and also increase the flow of blood to your reproductive system. A benefit that you may find refreshing about fertility massages is that a significant amount of studies show that these massages help to realign the uterus and help to remove blockages that are in the fallopian tubes.

Fertility massages have been proven to directly affect ovulation and provide relaxation to your body which can allow natural processes of the body to occur. Also these massages may increase your energy levels, which will allow you to deal with more important issues such as conceiving a child.

Risks of Fertility Massage

It is not recommended that you use fertility treatments as a replacement for any medical procedures that are designed to increase your chances of conception. Fertility massages are usually used in conjunction with these procedures to maximize results. Your massage therapist should be familiar with the infertility treatments that you are using, and therefore should be able to design a massage routine specifically for you.

Some experts say that a risk of fertility massages is that there is a possibility that a miscarriage could occur, however, the risk is quite low. If you are pregnant and wish to continue your massages, then it is best to inform your doctor and your massage therapist.

Wurn Technique

The wurn technique is a form of massage that has been linked to assisting with fertility. Studies that were conducted have shown that when the wurn technique was performed on patients prior to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, there were an increased percentage of pregnancies and birth rates.

One of the main goals of this technique is to break down tissue adhesions that may be present in your pelvic region. The massage is performed by gently manipulating and stretching those tissues which usually requires the technique to be performed by hand. The wurn technique requires that the massage be performed for a substantial period of time to the affected areas of your body so that the built up tension is given a sufficient amount of time to be released, which will allow for the greatest results. However, it is also important that you keep an open mind when having this technique performed.