Fertility Massage: Wurn Technique

Fertility massage is the latest among the many alternative therapies being used to treat infertility. Among the many types of fertility massages, the Wurn Technique massage, or the Wurn massage, has become quite popular in the U.S.

Understanding Wurn Technique Massage

This massage technique was developed by Larry Wurn—a certified massage therapist who now runs his private clinic that specializes in various applications of Wurn Technique massages. Larry Wurn developed this unique type of massage technique for alleviating the pain being experienced by his wife, Belinda Wurn, who is also a physical therapist.

The Wurn Technique is based on the ‘Clear Passage’ philosophy that seeks to create a balanced environment in the body. Wurn technique therapists use a massaging method similar to other medically-recommended massages. However, this massage system is more elaborative and follows a complex process of stretching, adjusting, gripping and compressing body tissues for increasing the mobility of body parts, along with stimulating the internal organs. This massage program has now been patented by the Wurns and is reputed to be particularly useful for women diagnosed with infertility. Wurn Technique massage is now available in many Clear Passage Physical Therapy clinics located across the U.S.

Wurn Technique and Adhesions

The Wurn Technique is reputed to be particularly useful for women whose infertility has been induced by issues like:

  • Abdominal infections
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Physical trauma to abdomen or back
  • Bladder or yeast infections
  • Endometriosis
  • Radiological trauma to internal organs
  • History of surgeries such as lower-back surgery, laparoscopy or c-sections

This is primarily because the Wurn Technique approaches infertility through treating adhesions. Larry Wurn’s patented massage therapy is based on the concept that there are certain, constricted areas within the body. These are primarily made of soft tissue and muscle and are called adhesions. Among women with the above-listed causes of infertility, the adhesions tend to block organs that are critical for the reproductive process. This includes the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Apart from impairing the reproductive process, adhesions cause pain and internal infections. Thus, if the adhesions are resolved, the infertility can also be cured and reproductive health can be restored.

Treating Adhesions

The Wurn method of massage stresses upon softening and stretching the adhesions. The idea is to address any kind of adhesion-related problem, including overstretched, adhered or restricted connective tissue. The massage attempts to restore proper circulation among the affected areas. The Wurn philosophy believes that the adhesions are composed of tensile, collagen fibers that form layers of scar tissue. Thus, they need to be stretched and stimulated in a specific way through massaging.

Wurn Technique as Specific-Site Massage

Apart from treating the adhesions, Wurn Technique is also a site-specific massage. This means that the Wurn Technique is a form of relaxing, physical therapy wherein specific, soft tissues of the body are systematically massaged. It is widely believed that massage-based therapies help to alleviate stress and induce overall relaxation. This helps to relax the tightened connective tissues that are known to constrict blood vessels, causing infertility causes like blocked fallopian tubes. This also helps to soothe the disturbed endocrine process, which in turn regulates the hormone levels in the body. This is another reason for the effectiveness of Wurn Technique.