Self Fertility Massage: How to Do a Uterine Massage

The fertility massage can focus on the ovaries or on the uterus, or may be a massage of the entire reproductive system. A uterine massage can stimulate the blood flow in this area and this can increase the chances of fertilization and the placing of the embryo in the uterus.

How to Do a Uterine Massage

The uterine massage will take up to 30 minutes, but you should allot at least 1 hour for the entire process, so that you can relax before and after the massage. You will need some massage oil (i.e. almond, lavender or even olive oil), a yoga mat, a towel and a pillow.

Lie down on the mat facing up; you may put a pillow under your lumbar section (just above the buttocks), so that the massage will be more effective. It is highly important that you relax, so try to lie down and imagine you are in a happy place. Warm up your hands and get some massage oil.

Find the location of the uterus, which is located just below the pubic bone. Start by pressing gently on the pubic bone and lower down on the uterus. Try pressing on the uterus and pull it closer to the navel. Try to stop in this position, count to 10, and release the uterus. Repeat the movement for about 10 to 20 times.

Press on the uterus and perform up and down movements with the tips of your finger. Take long, deep breaths during the massage. If you don’t feel comfortable performing the massage yourself, get some help from a fertility massage therapist.

When to Do a Uterine Massage

The best time to do a uterine massage is just before intercourse, as the massage will increase the blood flow to the uterus and reproductive system, so it will be more likely that you will conceive.

Uterine Massage and Other Fertility Treatments

The uterine massage may be combined with any available fertility treatments and is most commonly used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization. Ask your fertility doctor if you can benefit from any other fertility treatments that could help you.

Benefits of Uterine Massage

The uterine massage will direct the blood flow towards the uterus and the reproductive system, so if fertilization takes place, the egg will be likely to reach the uterus and stay put. The massage may also reduce pain before and during the menstrual cycle.

When to Avoid Uterine Massage

The uterine massage is typically recommended for a wide range of women, but may not be recommended:

  • During your menstrual cycle. The ideal time to perform the uterine massage is between the menstruation and the ovulation (typically 14 days)
  • During pregnancy, make sure to take regular tests and stop the massage if you suspect you may be pregnant
  • If you feel pain during any point of the massage