Who Can Do a Fertility Massage?

Fertility massage is provided to women who are experiencing issues with their fertility. A woman having infertility problems could benefit from having a fertility massage in a number of ways. It can help maintain a stable blood pressure, minimize headaches, alleviate stress and depression, reduce or eliminate fluid retention, provide stronger immunity, help to prepare muscles for child birthing, and so on. These effects are just some of the basics, and each of those listed problems could be affecting your fertility.

Understanding Fertility Massage

A basic massage is simply the rubbing and kneading of the skin and muscles. The massage loosens muscles, kneads out tension and reduces stress. A fertility massage, on the other hand, goes much deeper than that. A fertility massage, when done correctly, can align the uterus and even break down adhesions in the pelvic area that could be causing infertility.

These adhesions can be part of your infertility problems. The fertility massage therapist will focus on massaging targeted areas that may be causing your infertility. Adhesions in the reproductive system can block the fallopian tubes and thus impede conception. A fertility massage involves massaging areas such as the abdomen, the sacrum and the pelvis.

The fertility massage therapist will, by hand, massage these areas to break up the adhesions; she will also use ancient reflexology techniques to stimulate your reproductive organs, and probably incorporate such massage techniques as The Wurn Technique and the Reiki Technique. Your certified fertility massage therapist will discuss with you your infertility history, problems, etc. She will design a fertility massage therapy best suited for you and will provide the massages at the most appropriate times during your cycle for the most optimum results in increasing your fertility.

Who Is Certified to Provide Fertility Massage?

It is in your best interest to seek out a massage therapist that either specializes in fertility massage and/or is certified to perform true fertility massage therapy.

There are many spas that actually specialize in fertility massage and their business is specifically designed to meet the needs of women experiencing infertility. Search for these types of spas in your area or contact spas in your area to see if a certified fertility massage therapist is in house.

Trusting a Massage Therapist

When having a true fertility massage, not just a regular massage, the massage therapist will be manipulating specific areas of your body to break up adhesions, using techniques meant to stimulate fertility, and will be massaging your abdomen and pelvic area where your reproductive organs are located. It is imperative that you choose a certified massage therapist to perform a fertility massage on you. An inexperienced massage therapist could actually do more harm than good. Make sure the therapist is a certified massage therapist before allowing her to perform a fertility massage on you to increase fertility.

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