Castor Oil: Safety Precautions

Among alternate infertility treatments, fertility massage packs prepared from castor oil are a preferred option. Castor oil fertility packs are reputed to aid in the detoxification of bodily systems and promote better circulation of blood in the reproductive organs. However, people contemplating using castor oil packs should be aware about some basic precautions.


The oil pack should not be applied on bruised or broken skin. It should not be taken by women who are menstruating or those who are going through ovulation. These packs are not recommended for women with serious uterine issues like periodic bleeding or tumors. Similarly, people who are suffering from serious internal injuries and have a history of any disease or accident that caused severe internal bleeding are advised not to use castor oil packs.

Oral Consumption

Castor oil used in the oil pack is not meant for oral consumption. The variety used for treating constipation is specifically retailed for consumption purpose, often called organic castor oil. The oil used in oil-packs can cause severe abdominal cramping or vomiting upon ingestion.


A small, hot-water bottle should be used. This ensures that the bottle can be comfortably balanced on top of the oil-pack. Maintaining the recommended temperature of the bottle is important. Overheated bottles can harm the skin.

Packing Method

Oil packs should be packed with care to ensure that they don’t damage the underlying skin. Oil packs are wrapped with a plastic sheet to ensure that the minimal heat of the pack is retained. Proper packing method is necessary to ensure that the oil is absorbed slowly. Over or under-wrapping the pack can drastically reduce its utility and even scrape the skin.


Pressing too hard upon the pack might impair its function. The pack is supposed to induce greater perspiration and circulation of bodily fluids in the surrounding skin. An over-pressed oil-pack can conversely impair the natural perspiration that neutralizes its detoxification properties.


Castor oil pack should be placed with precision. Its placement defines its overall effectivity in treating various conditions causing infertility. For instance, for stimulating the liver, the castor oil pack should be placed on right side of abdomen. The pack should be moved towards the lower abdominal region if it is being used to relieve constipation or for general detoxification purposes.


The pack should not be used for more than 40 to 50 minutes or the maximum, recommended time-limit mentioned by the retailer.

Removal Care

After removing the oil-pack, cleanse the application site with a solution prepared from water and baking soda. This helps to wash off the acidity that might have been induced by castor oil.


Retailed castor oil fertility packages contain severe smaller packs that can be used over a period of few months. These are best stored in the refrigerator or according to packaged instructions. However, every part of the oil pack is not re-usable. Flannel that is soaked with castor oil for preparing the oil pack shouldn’t be re-used. Once applied, it is deemed to contain most of the toxins removed during the detoxification process. Presence of lipids in castor oil ensures that these toxins cannot be easily washed-off.

Safety Tips

People using castor oil packs for the first time might experience some symptoms like headaches. However, these detoxification symptoms pose no threat to the wellbeing of the user and fade-away within a few days. It is advised to seek consultation with an alternative fertility healer or naturopath who can advise upon the frequency with which castor oil treatment should be pursued. Usually, it is recommended to use the oil packs for a few days in a week, interspersed with some rest days.