Fertility Conditions that Respond to Castor Oil

An application of castor oil is commonly advocated for treating infertility in the form of castor oil packs. Castor oil application is among the traditional forms of alternative fertility treatment that seeks to promote overall reproductive health of the individual. Different fertility conditions that respond to castor oil pack treatment include:

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocking of fallopian tubes disrupts the ovulation cycle since the eggs need to pass through the fallopian tubes at a specific time to reach the uterus. Blocked fallopian tubes are often formed due to excessive scar tissue formation in the aftermath of an accident or internal injuries. However, fallopian tubes are often blocked due to adhesions of fibrous tissue bands with no diagnosable condition responsible for inducing the problem.

Castor oil treatment gradually loosens the adhesions. The adhesions can only be cured when the surrounding organs and fallopian tubes are stimulated into greater self-healing through which fresh tissue formation is promoted. Castor oil packs promote better circulation of blood and other bodily fluids, stimulating the underlying organs. The newer tissue cells are able to displace the fibrous bands, helping to unclog the tubes.

Uterine Inflammation & Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the many uterine conditions responsible for infertility. Uterine tissues are vulnerable to repeated infections that can severely impair the chances of fertilization. The uterus is often aligned in a slightly twisted manner which presses it against the colon and other surrounding organs, making in vulnerable to infections.

Castor oil packs help to ease the inflammation through repeated sessions, wherein greater perspiration is induced. Increased perspiration means microorganisms responsible for repeated infections are slowly drained-out. Further, the increased blood flow in the uterine tissue stimulates the release of endorphins. These are hormones that relive the pain caused by endometriosis.

Disturbed Menstruation and Ovarian Cysts

Irregular menstruation often surfaces when the uterus doesn’t contract in the normal manner. This leads to repeated cycles of impaired or absent menses along with sudden bouts of bleeding menses. Menstruation cycles are mainly regulated by estrogen that is also secreted by the ovaries.

Castor oil packs are directly placed over the pelvic area so that they can act upon the ovaries. Along with this, the overall soothing effect induced by castor oil application helps to regulate the estrogen hormonal system. This includes organs stimulating the ovaries into producing more estrogen, like hypothalamus and pituitary gland. A balanced state of hormones helps to resolve serious fertility conditions like ovarian cysts and menstruation problems.

Increased Toxicity

Castor oil therapy is widely recommended to detoxify an individual whose metabolism is overcome by the accumulation of contaminants or toxins. These toxins enter the body system from external sources like food and emanate from internal problems like a constipated colon. Toxin built-up is the often the underlying cause for unexplained infertility among men and women, as it weakens the body’s immunity.

Placement of castor oil packs directly upon the abdomen induces greater contractions in the large intestine and colon. This is an easy way of curing chronic constipation that helps to remove hardened stools deposited along the inner linings of intestines. Castor oil fertility treatment is often directed as stimulating the functions of the liver and kidney.

These are the two most critical organs from a detoxification perspective. A stimulated kidney assists in faster detoxification by removing more toxins during its main function of filtering bodily fluids and forming urine. The liver is chiefly responsible for carrying-out detoxification as a part of digestive process to ensure that toxins are segregated, decomposed and systematically directed for elimination.