Herbal Medicine for Fertility: False Unicorn Root

The false unicorn root plant is also called Helonias and it is often used for treating infertility in men and women. Common names that refer to false unicorn root are:

  • Helonias Root
  • Devil's Bit
  • Blazing Star

Important Constituents of False Unicorn Root

  • Steroidal Saponins—natural compounds that mimic the action of anabolic, muscle-building supplements and are recommended for men suffering from restricted erection.
  • Glycosides—natural anti-inflammatory agents that have made false unicorn plant popular for treating internal infections inducing infertility in women.

How False Unicorn Root Treats Infertility

Most herbal and natural medicine practitioners believe that false unicorn root has a soothing effect on the female reproductive organs. This refers to false unicorn root being able to improve the overall sexual health of women by curing and rejuvenating reproductive organs. False unicorn root is recommended for treating infertility because it:

Cures Internal Causes of Infertility

One of the most common causes of infertility among women is the inflammation within the genito-urinary tract. This is often the underlying reason for blocked fallopian tubes that impairs the ovulation process. False unicorn root acts as a nourishing agent for the uterine tissues.

Problems of the genito-urinary tract often stem from the infections sustained within the kidney or the liver. False unicorn root is commonly used for treating Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). This makes it a perfect aid for women suffering from disturbed ovulation due to genito-urinary problems. Further, being a natural diuretic, false unicorn root promotes greater flow of urine which stimulates the kidneys.

Many times, poor circulation of blood into the digestive and fecal tract is responsible for making the genito-urinary tract more vulnerable to infections. False unicorn root helps to increase the overall circulation levels in the body. This is makes false unicorn applicable for the treatment of a range of infertility-related causes in women including endometriosis, ovarian cysts and other kinds of uterine infections.

Indirectly Raises Estrogenic Activity in Women

There is little evidence to suggest that false unicorn root has a direct effect on the secretion of female hormones. However, it is known to normalize the menstrual cycle among women suffering from delayed menstruation or absence of menses. It is also used by women trying to cure their morning sickness. Further, false unicorn root stimulates greater follicular development in the ovaries to some extent.

These facts are highly suggestive of the ability of false unicorn root to stimulate the secretion of fertility hormones in women or at least, boost the estrogenic activities. This is why false unicorn root is commonly recommended to women who are unable to sustain a pregnancy due to abnormally low levels of ovarian hormones like Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), i.e. as a herbal aid among women seeking treatment for miscarriages due to hormonal deficiency.

Yields Pronounced Antiseptic Action

False unicorn root is recommended for treating male impotence wherein infection from the prostate is causing internal inflammation and inducing symptoms of infertility. The active ingredients like chamaelirin and helonin are able to dispel the internal inflammation. False unicorn root is a natural anti-parasitic plant and it is particularly useful for men wherein pelvic inflammation disease or intestinal infections are the underlying cause of ill health causing temporary impotence.