Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: Baryta Carbonica

For treating male infertility causes like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, an alternative form of treatment lies in using homeopathy remedies. Homeopathy practitioners often use Baryta Carbonica for treating such male infertility problems.

Baryta carbonica is also referred to as Baryta Carb., Barium Carbonate or Witherite. It contains barium among its list of active compounds. Barium is a naturally-occurring element that is found in rocks.

Baryta Carbonica & Male Infertility

Baryta carbonica has a more defined prescription as compared to other homeopathic medications. Like most homeopathic remedies, Baryta carbonica too is prescribed only after the psychological evaluation of the patient fits a particular profile. Baryta Carbonica is usually recommended to men struggling with impotency who present some degree of isolative or depressive tendency. Its use is more pronounced among men who have a weak pulse and feel exhausted without exertion, indicating psychological disturbance. Various homeopathic guides mention forgetfulness as one of the traits among men who are prescribed Baryta Carbonica.

Baryta carbonica is particularly recommended for men with an established case of erectile dysfunction if they also exhibit lowered libido or reduced sexual desire. Similarly, premature ejaculation in the form of emission of seminal fluids without arousal (such as during sleeping) also suggests a Baryta carbonica-based treatment plan. Such men are prone to having a shrunk penis, with a cold or dry texture that is suggestive of widespread atrophy of cells within the testicular tissue. The penis may present sporadic instances of numbness without any external trauma.

Baryta carbonica is also able to treat underlying disorders that might be causing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The best example in this case is that of prostrate problems that are mostly associated with middle-aged and elderly males. Please note that prostrate problems often lead to internal problems like an invasive form of prostatic hypertrophy that can impact the functionality of the testes.

Such men often complain about the testes shrinking abnormally during certain parts of the day along with looking flaccid at times, even when nearing a state of arousal. Related symptoms include an improper flow of urine that is suggestive of problems within the genito-urinary tract. This may or may not be accompanied with pain in the scrotum. The ability of Baryta carbonica to cure cysts within the testicular tissue is underlined by the fact that it is also used for treating tumors, lumps and sarcomas.

Baryta carbonica is an established cure for other impotency issues like andropause or the male version of menopause, wherein there is a significant fall in the amount of testosterone levels. Rather than taking hormone supplementation, many men prefer Baryta carbonica since it provides a safer alternative by naturally raising the body’s metabolism activities directed towards the synthesis of male sexual hormones.

Baryta Carbonica Usage

Though no serious side-effects are related to the use of Baryta carbonica, it shouldn’t be used without the medical advice of a homeopathic healer. This is because Baryta carbonica is used in varying potencies depending upon the intensity of the symptoms and close evaluation of medical history of the patient. Many times, Baryta carbonica is used in combination with other homeopathic remedies for better results. For instance, when treating prostrate-related problems including infection or a prostatic cyst, it might be combined with Chimaphila.