Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: Berberis Vulgaris

Berberis vulgaris or barberry is a homeopathic and herbal medication, prescribed for erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. ED is among the most common causes of impotency among men, causing reduced quality and motility of sperm. Homeopathic and herbal preparations using Berberis vulgaris are often preferred over conventional treatment choices, like surgical correction, to treat erectile dysfunction due to their unchallenging format and overall safety.

Berberis Vulgaris Basics

Berberis grows as a short shrub. It is found in many parts of the world, including Europe and North America. The berries of the plant don’t yield appreciable medicinal properties and are not recommended for consumption. The stem and bark of the Berberis vulgaris plant are used for their therapeutic properties. The Berberis vulgaris plant is known by many other names, including:

  • European barberry
  • Pepperidge Bush
  • Barberry
  • Sowberry
  • Daruharidra
  • Jaundice berry
  • Kingor

The plant contains many alkaloids that are responsible for its medicinal properties. Among the active ingredients of Berberis, berberine is the most potent compound that is responsible for making Berberis an effective treatment for gastrointestinal disorders. This compound is also responsible for raising the overall immunity level of the body. Besides alkaloids, other active ingredients include resins, tannins and chelidonic acid. Berberis vulgaris also contains trace amounts of vitamin C.

Berberis Vulgaris as Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Please note that Berberis vulgaris may not have a direct effect on the male reproductive organs, but it is able to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction because it has a broad-spectrum action. It acts on many kinds of nerve complexes, arteries, fibrous tissues and muscles that are linked with many underlying conditions responsible for male impotency. For instance, ED is linked with vascular and neurologic diseases that can be treated with Berberis vulgaris.

The healing properties of Berberis’ active compounds include the ability to kill parasites and bacteria, promote formation/excretion of urine, act as a vasodilator to improve circulation of blood and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Berberis vulgaris has the ability to improve the bile formation, helping in better digestion of food and reducing stress upon the liver. This is necessary since the liver needs to detoxify to a greater extent if it is helping the body resist infections that might be indirectly causing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Berberis vulgaris has been used in ancient forms of herbal treatment, like the Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medication, as a potent anti-toxicant. Berberis vulgaris is often combined with other homeopathic compounds for treating conditions like arterial tension within the circulatory flow to the lower abdomen—a potential cause for erectile dysfunction. Similarly, other metabolic problems like renal calculi and build-up of toxins within the circulatory system that can contribute to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction are treated with Berberis vulgaris.

Precautions for Using Berberis Vulgaris

In herbal medicine, Berberis is used in the form of herbal teas and other concoctions prepared from the dried and powdered/crushed form of Berberis root. Berberis vulgaris is equally popular within the niche of homeopathy, wherein tinctures of Berberis vulgaris are used. Here, the potency of Berberis vulgaris should be determined by a qualified homeopathic practitioner. Consuming excessive amounts of Berberis can lead to lowered blood pressure, along with a feeling of nausea.