Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoricum acidum is commonly recommended as a part of homeopathic preparations aimed at treating male infertility problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of a man to sustain a penile erection when attempting coitus. Such men are often devoid of a penile erection, even when aroused.

Phosphoricum acidum is also called Acid phos. Phosphoricum acidum is extracted from phosphoric acid. For extraction of Acid phos., a crystalline powder of phosphoric acid is used. The powder is prepared from phosphate-rich minerals like apatite.

Phosphoric Acid for Male Infertility

Phosphoricum acidum is also useful for stimulating the production of male hormones like testosterone that play a critical role in defining the male sexual drive. Men who complain about extreme sensitivity in the penis and a reduced libido are often treated with Phosphoricum acidum. Similarly, men who are prone to ejaculating even without arousal are cured with this medication. This includes men who ejaculate when urinating or passing stools. Such patients often complain about painful erection that seems to surface and subside with little control. Other common symptoms among such patients include roughening of skin over the scrotum. Other notable effects of Phosphoricum acidum include:

Effect on Nervous System

Phosphoricum acidum has a pronounced action on the nervous system. It is aimed at treating the psychological or mental issues like depression, emotional trauma or anxiety that often induce symptoms of male infertility like erectile dysfunction. Such men suffer from extreme loss of sexual drive since their nervous system is debilitated. Acid phos. is also used for treating impotent men who have a history of distention of testicles or those with swollen glans or conditions like hydrocele.

Among various homeopathic compounds that are suited for treating men with emotional trauma, Phosphoricum acidum is typically prescribed for those suffering from a state of chronic grief. Further, men who are typically sluggish and cannot sustain their enthusiasm for an appreciable period are prescribed Phosphoricum acidum.

Effect on Kidneys

Phosphoricum acidum has a stimulating effect on the kidneys. Though it is not a very strong diuretic, it stimulates the overall action of the kidneys, aiding greater filtration of toxins from the body through urine. This helps to alleviate infections within the genito-urinary tract that are often the undiagnosed reasons of male infertility. The action of phosphoric acidum on kidneys is pronounced since it is a mineral acid and most mineral acids tend to have this effect wherein they promote urination. This is why phosphoric acidum is also recommended for men who have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

Phosphoricum Acid Usage

Men contemplating the use of Phosphoricum acidum for treating erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation should understand that this remedy should not be used without medical supervision. Phosphoricum acidum is a widely-prescribed homeopathic aid, used for treating various conditions, often in combination with other homeopathic compounds. Using the correct potency of Phosphoricum acidum is critical and this is best advised by a certified, homeopathic practitioner. Further, Acid phos. presents some minor side-effects. For instance, when used in higher potency, it can induce acidity.