Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: Picricum Acidum

Erectile dysfunction can affect the possibility to conceive. The condition may be caused by a medical problem or a psychological problem. If the problem is mental, therapy is needed to overcome the issue. If the patient suffers from a medical condition that causes the erectile dysfunction, there are drugs and natural remedies that can be used. Picriricum acidum is a homeopathic remedy that can be helpful in solving erectile issues.

Picricum Acidum

The picricum acidum the Latin name for the picric acid, also known as the 2,4,6 trinitrophenol or TNP, which is an explosive material. The picricum acidum can be used to prepare munitions and explosives, but may also be used as a compound in certain saline solutions or as a preservative for other chemical compounds. The picricum acidum can also be used as a dye for skin or other materials. When in contact with the proteins on the skin, the picricum acidum will leave brown traces, which are waterproof and may last for up to 1 month. For this reason, the compound may be used as a semi permanent makeup.

The TNP is explosive and considered dangerous, so it is replaced by various other substances when possible. However, the picricum acidum is a chemical compound in a number of homeopathic dilutions, being particularly helpful in male fertility problems.

Picricum Acidum for Erectile Disfunction

The picricum acidum is recommended for patients that have an erectile dysfunction, particularly if the problem is described as follows:

  • Strong erection resulting in high amounts of semen and pain after ejaculation
  • Painful erections

The picricum acidum will be prepared in a dilution, which is how the homeopathic treatments are administered. The picricum acidum can be used on its own or in conjunction with various other chemical and natural compounds that will benefit the system of the patient, improving the erectile function and increasing the fertility of the male patient and making the conceiving more likely.

The dilution may have a bitter taste, but when mixed with other ingredients, it may be bearable. The dilutions that will contain picricum acidum will have reduced concentration of TNP, as this can be dangerous for the patient’s health.

Other Medical Uses of Picricum Acidum

The picricum acidum has antiseptic effects and has been used in conditions such as:

  • Malaria
  • Herpes
  • Smallpox
  • Tissue burns

However, today, the compound is no longer used, as it has been replaced by safer products that are also more effective.

Picricum Acidum and Safety

As mentioned earlier, the picricum acidum is an explosive, so the substance should be used with great caution, as it may be sensitive to friction when dry. A homeopath that has experience in working with dilutions and picricum acidum will establish the right concentration for each patient in part and will make sure to avoid possible accidents that may happen when the compound is being utilized.

Picricum acidum should never be used when not prescribed by a natural medicine specialist or a homeopath.

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