Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: Selenium Metallicum

ED or erectile dysfunction is among the more common causes of infertility among men. ED can be a temporary or chronic condition. Conventional medicine doesn’t offer straightforward, easy cures for erectile dysfunction, as the underlying causes are often widespread. This includes metabolic and psychological problems that are often deep-seated and hard-to-detect through conventional testing methods. Thus, a treatment method that is undemanding and can cure infertility holistically is needed. This requirement is filled by homeopathic medications to a large extent. They are known to have negligible side-effects and can cure infertility problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Among these medications, Selenium or selenium metallicum is a preferred remedy.

Selenium Metallicum Basics

The extract of selenium, called selenium metallicum, is used in homeopathic preparations. Selenium is a rare element that is found in very low traces in some of the foods we consume like seafood and meats.

Selenium Metallicum Treatment for Male Infertility

Symptoms that often lead to treatment with selenium metallicum include uncontrolled dribbling of semen and seminal fluids during sleep. This is an indicator of premature ejaculation and is commonly associated with patients of ED. Such men are prone to feeling extreme pain or irritability during and coitus. Further, their semen is likely to be diluted and without the typical odor.

This is suggestive of ejaculated fluids not containing sufficient amount of mature sperm and the potent mix of seminal fluids needed for ensuring fertilization of the female egg. Men who have a history of sexual neurasthenia or mental debility related to sex, including failure to get aroused or complete coitus with vigor, are likely to be treated with selenium metallicum.

Selenium is also used for treating genito-urinary symptoms that might be inducing infertility. This includes infections of the bladder. Men who are suffering from weaknesses due to chronic disease and show signs of premature ejaculation are often treated with Selenium metallicum. Such men might have an erection during an unaroused state. Often, after uncontrolled ejaculation, such individuals complain about extreme weakness.

Psychological Evaluation for Selenium Metallicum Treatment

Selenium metallicum is prescribed only after a careful understanding of the psyche of the patient. Most men treated with Selenium metallicum show an aversion towards being intimate. They might have the tendency to isolate themselves and mental exertion if a chronic form is present. The use of Selenium metallicum for such conditions is established within the niche of homeopathy.

This is why it is also used for treating men with fatigue syndrome or those suffering from weakness due to debilitating diseases like multiple sclerosis. The general lack of sexual vigor and impaired bodily functions is further indicated upon assessing the patient’s skin, hair and related symptoms such as digestive problems.

Advice for Using Selenium Metallicum

Please note that infertility treatment should always be undertaken after seeking the professional advice of a medical professional. This is applicable to alternative forms of treatment like homeopathy too. Though many homeopathic combinations are retailed through the over-the-counter format and present no serious side-effects, using them without professional advice is not recommended. This is because male infertility is treated by addressing numerous body systems simultaneously, including the hormonal secretions. This is why homeopathic combinations and potencies tend to vary across every patient.