Remedies for Hydrocele and Varicocele: Fluoric Acidum

Among male infertility problems, conditions directly affecting the reproductive organs like hydrocele and varicocele are considered serious challenges. The conventional treatment methods often involve the use of very potent drugs or surgical methods. However, an alternative approach lies in using homeopathy. Among many homeopathic medication combinations aimed at treating varicocele and hydrocele, the use of fluoric acidum is quite common. However, before understanding the application of fluoric acidum, it is vital to have a basic idea about how hydrocele and varicocele lead to male infertility.

Understanding Hydrocele & Varicocele

Hydrocele is a condition of excessive accumulation of fluids with the scrotal sack. The testicles appear distinctly swollen in this condition, many times swollen to the extent that the patient cannot walk properly. This can be a painful condition and the excessive pressure induced by the accumulated fluids impairs functioning of the internal passage that directs sperm movement. This condition is known to cause temporary phases of male impotency. Hydrocele usually happens after an extreme physical trauma and is usually resolved with a minor surgery.

A more severe form of testicular swelling is called varicocele. Here, some of the veins along the testicle develop a highly swollen and tender state. The increasing pressure of the swollen tissues disrupts the flow of blood within the testicular tissues, causing build-up of seminal fluids and blood, which adds to the swelling. The scrotum becomes swollen and the condition is often associated with lowered sperm count.

Understanding Fluoric Acidum Usage

The main use of this homeopathic medication in treating the above-listed conditions is due to its ability to alleviate the swelling associated with testicular tissues. Also called Hydrofluoric acid or Fluoricum acidum, fluoric acidum is used in varying potencies in homeopathic treatment. One of the main active ingredients in Hydrofluoric acid is fluorine. Fluoric acidum alleviates the testicular swelling in various ways.

Firstly, it acts upon the muscle fibers. It is known to augment the endurance levels of muscle fibers. This is important since the fibrous bands form a part of the testicular tissues that are overstretched during testicular swelling. Secondly, it is also known to alleviate the abscesses or discharge associate with varicocele.

The utility of fluoric acidum in treating varicocele is underlined by the fact that it is used in similar treatments wherein there is an enlarged vein or varicose veins. This includes varicose veins along the coccyx and swelling caused due to developing tumors. Other examples include dental fistulas that are among the most common applications of fluoric acidum wherein this homeopathic remedy aids the discharge of pus or fluids encaged within the fistula.

Using Fluoric Acidum with Care

Despite the absence of any significant side-effects associated with the use of fluoric acidum, it shouldn’t be used without the opinion of a certified homeopathic practitioner. This is because the dilution and potency levels of potent homeopathic compounds needs to be carefully assessed. For instance, excessive use of fluoric acidum is known to induce some degree of abnormality in the growth of nails. Further, fluoric acidum might be recommended in combination with other homeopathic compounds for better results.

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