Remedies for Hydrocele and Varicocele: Hamamelis

Male infertility is often induced by conditions, like varicocele, that directly affect the male genitals. Varicocele and hydrocele adversely affect the supply of blood to the testicular tissue and exert a damaging pressure along the penis and scrotum. Conventional medicine seeks to resolve such problems through surgical methods and a medication regimen containing strong antibiotics. However, alternative treatments like herbal cures and homeopathy seek to alleviate the symptoms of varicocele by using natural aids like Hamamelis.

Hamamelis Basics

Hamamelis of Hamamelis virginiana is the scientific name for the witch hazel shrub. This plant has been traditionally used in many forms of ancient medicine. This includes herbal preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal poultices used by Native Americans and homeopathy.

Hamamelis virginiana shrub is native to the North American continent. Hamamelis virginiana is among the most widely used of herbal aids. It is commonly found in antiseptic solutions and other ointments recommended for non-prescription application. It is commonly found in creams sold as a part of first-aid packages, wherein witch hazel creams are known to cure a host of regular problems like shaving cuts, dry skin and sunburns. The Hamamelis virginiana plant is known by many other names, including:

  • Winterbloom
  • Tobacco Wood
  • Hazel Nut
  • Spotted Alder
  • Snapping Hazelnut
  • Striped Alder

Hamamelis Composition & Usage

A variety of compounds render the witch hazel plant its remarkable curative properties. Witch hazel contains a high concentration of proanthocyanidins and hamamelitannnins. These two compounds are primarily responsible for making Hamamelis such as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. The most potent parts of the plant are its root and the bark. The tannins are dissolved in the extract of the plant which also contains some volatile oils. Depending upon the kind of potency needed for topical application or oral administration, Hamamelis is used in various forms. This includes:

  • Hamamelis water
  • Dried Hamamelis extract
  • Distilled, concentrated Hamamelis extract
  • Pure Hamamelis distillate used in homeopathic tinctures

Hamamelis and Male Infertility Problems

Note that unlike some other herbs that are known to have a direct effect on male fertility, including aphrodisiac and testosterone-stimulating properties, Hamamelis has a rather limited effect. It is not known to improve the sexual health of males when used as a supplement. However, it can cure a number of problems that might be inducing the infertility. This includes hydrocele and varicocele. Both these conditions are essentially a form of testicular swelling, wherein accumulation of seminal fluids along with venal swelling is indicated.

Hamamelis is typically suited for health problems wherein there is venous obstruction or swelling. The primary use of Hamamelis is the treatment of varicose veins and other conditions where obstruction of veins is suspected. This includes hemorrhoids and varicocele, wherein the veins have a clearly-visible inflamed appearance and sub-dermal venous bleeding is indicated. Creams containing Hamamelis are also retailed for treating hemorrhoids and piles as it is known to alleviate the inflammation and dampen the bleeding remarkably.

In terms of alleviating internal pressure associated with hydrocele and varicocele, Hamamelis is particularly effective. This fact is underlined by the use of Hamamelis for treating cases of acute menstrual bleeding among women. Hamamelis is a naturally antiseptic agent. The purest distillates of Hamamelis that are used in homeopathic preparations contain a more potent form of Hamamelis. This is very useful for reducing infections often caused due to formation of pus and impaction of microorganisms in varicocele-affected sites.

Hamamelis Usage Recommendation

Hamamelis is available in a vast array of herbal and homeopathic combinations, wherein each remedy presents a different degree of potency and overall effectivity. It is very difficult to choose the right concentration of Hamamelis without consulting a herbal or homeopathic practitioner.