Causes of Infertility: Overheating the Testicles

The overheating of the testicles is among the numerous causes of infertility. The overheating of testicles may be caused by fever or saunas and will lead to a low sperm count. This is a reversible problem, but men who are trying to conceive should be aware of the issues the overheating of the testicles can cause.

Causes of Overheating of Testicles

The overheating of the testicles may happen due to a number of factors:

  • Fever, typically caused by infections
  • Warm clothes that keep the area overheated
  • Saunas
  • Hot baths
  • Physical effort
  • Long hours spent sitting in a heated area or in the same seat (i.e. truck drivers)
  • Synthetic material underwear that may overheat
  • Underwear that is too tight and can cause overheating

Men that are obese may often suffer of overheating of testicles due to the additional layer of fat that may heat the testicles.

Symptoms of Overheated Testicles

In addition to the overheating of the genital area, there may not be any other symptoms specific to the overheating of testicles.

However, if the patient has a fever, he may experience dryness of mouth, chills or other symptoms that are specific for the underlying disease causing the fever.

Overheating of Testicles and Fertility

There is a direct correlation between the overheating of testicles and infertility. The overheating of the testicles will cause a low sperm count or oligospermia, which will affect fertility. A low sperm count may lead to a failure to conceive.

If the testicles are permanently overheated, the problem can become more severe and lead to sterility, which may be irreversible.

Treatment for Overheating of Testicles

Typically, the overheating of testicles is a problem that will be only temporary causing only temporary low sperm count and the fertility will only be affected while the testes are overheated.

However, the cause of the overheated testicles must be identified. If the problem is caused by fever, the patient has to get some fever relief medication and medication needed to heal the underlying condition that causes fever. Antibiotics are prescribed for infections and should be administered for 10 to 14 days.

If the patient is obese, a longer treatment will be necessary to reduce the risks of overheated testicles. A diet will be recommended to reduce the layers of fat from the entire body. Exercise is also beneficial to help the patient lose weight faster.

Preventing Overheating of Testicles

Knowing the causes of overheated testicles is important to be able to prevent a low sperm count, especially when the patient is trying to conceive.

The patient should avoid hot baths, spas and saunas during the period he is trying to conceive. Showers are more recommended during this period and the water should be lukewarm.

Synthetic underwear should also be avoided and cotton and natural fiber underwear will be recommended. The underwear shouldn’t be too tight.

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