Androgens in Women

Androgens are the masculine hormones that are also produced in women, but in lower amounts. When there is an excess of androgen hormone production in a woman patient, she will experience excessive hair growth, but she may also have fertility issues due to this condition. A deficit of androgens may not affect fertility, but may cause some other health problems.

Androgens in Women

The masculine hormones or androgens are produced both in men and women in various amounts. The main androgens include testosterone and androstenedione, but there are also others such as DHT, DHEA and DHEA sulfate, which are essential for men and their reproductive functions. In women, these hormones help in the synthetis of estrogens. If androgens are produced in excess or deficit, this can cause fertility issues.

Treatment for Abnormal Production of Androgens

An increased production of androgens causes hirsutism manifested through excess hair growth and hair thinning. Typically, women with this condition are also affected by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). If left untreated, high levels of androgen hormones can cause insulin resistance, heart problems and hypertension. The treatment will consist of administering Clomid or other medications that will stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs.

If the androgens are produced in a lower amount than needed by the body, the patient may experience bone loss, decreased libido, fatigue or muscle weakness. Estrogen and testosterone will be administered to women who are diagnosed with androgen deficiency. This treatment may increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer, so the treatment should be administered with caution and discontinued as soon as possible.

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