Cost and Financing of Egg Freezing

When considering the various aspects of egg freezing, then it is important for you to consider the cost and financing. It is important that you know all facts that relate to how much a procedure of this nature costs. Many facilities have implemented a variety of programs to help make the price more affordable, therefore making it more attainable.


There are many factors related to the costs of egg freezing. When you decide to have your embryos frozen, then you have to realize that the price of harvesting and freezing your eggs can range anywhere from about $7,000 to $12,000. If you break down the components of the egg freezing procedure, then the price becomes less and less of a factor. A breakdown of these costs could include basic procedures, pre-treatment procedures, medications if applicable and even post treatment procedures. However, as this procedure becomes more common, then prices could definitely decrease.

Financing Options

Some facilities offer financing programs so that you will have options in regards to this procedure. The majority of these programs do have basic guidelines under which they are executed. Some programs offer the flexibility of monthly payments; a choice between fixed or variable interest rates and a convenient payment book so that you don’t miss any payments and incur any additional fees. When considering financing options, then you must understand that there are sometimes approval processes depending upon which programs are available at the facility you choose. Also, the possibility may exist that the financing authorities may be able to alter your financial obligations so that they better fit your needs and expectations, so make sure to inquire about your options.


As more research is performed and as the purpose and effects of egg freezing becomes clearer, then it may become possible for some insurance companies to shoulder some of the financial responsibility of this procedure. It is possible that insurance could cover this procedure, but may only be able to justify doing so if there is some reason why this procedure is absolutely necessary. A perfect scenario of when the insurance companies may be able to justify the expenses of this procedure could be if you just found out that you have cancer and your doctor advises you to have your embryos frozen due to the fact that your body may not be able to produce embryos after you undergo chemotherapy.

Another situation in which insurance may cover this procedure could be if there was a scenario that occurred in which a woman could only produce a certain number of embryos for a certain period of time due to circumstances beyond her control. Whether or not insurance covers this procedure could be dependent upon many factors, so make sure you check with your facility prior to finalizing your decision.  

When you are sure that you are ready to freeze your embryos, then make sure that you fully understand the cost and financing options available at the facility that you choose to perform your procedure.

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