Types of Professionals Who Provide Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a procedure that is can make it possible for women to preserve some of their fertile eggs in order to delay conception and start a family when it is more convenient. If you are considering freezing eggs or ovarian tissues, you need to find out about the type of professionals that provide egg freezing.

Fertility Doctors

Fertility doctors are specialists that can perform egg freezing. Egg freezing is a complex procedure that requires a lot of training and great skills, as it is a microscopic procedure. A fertility doctor is trained to do minute work and assist you through all the steps of egg freezing.

The fertility doctor will administer injections that will help the development of several eggs. The eggs will be extracted and instantly frozen through one of the two methods available: slow cooling or vitrification.

The fertility doctor should have certification and should be trained in the procedure of egg freezing. Not all fertility doctors are trained in egg freezing, as this procedure is relatively new.


An embryologist is a specialist that can perform the fertilization of the egg after it is thawed. However, the embryologist is also qualified to perform an egg freezing procedure. The advantage of choosing an embryologist is that he may be able to assist you when you decide you want to use the frozen eggs.

Whenever you need to choose a specialist, you should always make sure he has certification and is up to date with the latest fertility treatment trends.

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