Choosing Infertility Clinics: Psychological Counseling/Screening

There are various infertility clinics that you can go to when you don’t succeed in conceiving a baby through natural means. Many infertility clinics feature psychological counseling and screening, which are important when you are preparing for artificial reproductive techniques.

Psychological Counseling and Screening in Fertility Clinics

The fertility clinic you choose may feature various specialists such as adrologists or geneticists, who play a role in various fertility issues you may be having. However, many fertility clinics will also offer psychological counseling and screening for the couple or the possible surrogate mothers.

Psychological counseling is important for couples who have fertility issues, as the assisted reproductive methods may require a lot of time and patience. Fertility issues may also be extremely stressful and often, couples will fight while under stress. The counseling will focus on helping the couple accept that they have a fertility issue and search for the energy to invest in the needed procedures to make a pregnancy possible.

Psychological screening may also be performed, as a specialist can establish if choosing an assisted reproductive technique is the best way to have a child or recommend adoption, which may take longer, but is less stressful. The psychologist will assess several factors in your lifestyle:

  • Your mental state
  • Your age, as when you are over the age of 35, you may have a more difficult time conceiving even with help
  • Your and your partner’s job and the level of stress involved in each job
  • How you get along as a couple
  • Your feelings towards having to use a fertility clinic

You should expect a series of questions from the specialist regarding your life, your job and your existence as a couple.

Issues that Require Psychological Counseling and Screening

Psychological counseling and screening may be recommended for all couples that undergo various artificial treatments to achieve treatment. The various treatments as well as the possible failed cycles may be extremely stressful and counseling can help relieve the stress and keep the couple together through the entire experience. Many couples can have major relationship problems and even split during infertility treatments.

Counseling is also recommended if you are using a surrogate mother, both for you and the surrogate mother. The psychological screening may be performed on a surrogate mother, as she needs to be mentally stable in order to be a good candidate for surrogacy and be able to give up the child when the time comes.

Some couples also choose to undergo a screening. A specialist can make some recommendations on the type of treatments to choose or the means to get a child. For instance, if you are extremely stressed, your job is also stressful, and you cannot afford to take some time off to relax during the infertility treatments, chances are that these will fail and your trials to have a baby will be unsuccessful. Consequently, the psychologist will recommend using a surrogate or adoption.