Fertility Treatment: What is Follistim?

When it comes to the many causes of infertility, female fertility issues often figure into the equation. Drug companies look at pharmaceutical treatments for female fertility as possible and relevant to the reproductive processes. Drugs are specifically formulated to help deal with different conditions and females that will negatively affect fertility, such as underperforming ovaries, hormonal imbalances, and challenges associated with age or medical condition.

Follistim and Fertility

Follistim products are formulated to address problems with ovulation in females. Follistim acts on the principle of stimulating the ovaries to aid in the reproduction process. The Follistim AQ Cartridge with applicating pen technology is a product designed to help women self-dose conveniently. The Follistim product is a blend of fertility aids mixed in an aqeous solution that can be easily applied for fertility over time in specially measured dosages.

Follistim and Disclaimers

A wide variety of disclaimers on Follistim shows potential risks and complications with this kind of medication. One of the main ones is the risk of Overian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, or OHSS. Doctors have to work hard to correctly diagnose the exact medical condition of a female patient to understand whether risks of OHSS apply to a specific patient relative to their hormonal balances and current overian state of activity. In women with underperforming ovaries, the medication can be a beneficial aid to the reproductive process. Follistim is specifically made for women who are participating with Assistive Reproduction Technology, or ART, such as In Vitro Fertilization of IVF procedures. Fertility doctors can look at various patient facts and history to see if Follistim applies as a potentially effective and safe treatment.

More on Follistim

Women should never take Follistim without the recommendation of a qualified doctor. Disclaimers on Follistim include the risk of a variety of side effects from stomach pain and gas to nausea. Patients should talk to their doctors in close consultation before starting on a regimen of Follistim or a similar product, giving the doctor their entire medical history and any known allergies. Women who have an allergy or a reaction to "human recombinant materials" should be careful with medications like Follistim.

This kind of drug is just part of a wide variety of different occasions that will aid in fertility and reproductive processes in many different ways. Doctors may prescribe a combination of pharmaceutical solutions, laboratory technologies and other treatment options in order to help a couple in the sometimes difficult process of conceiving. These kinds of treatments can take a combined approach and require a continual sequence of diagnostic visits and consultations before the patient can anticipate results. Make sure you ask your doctor about all of the risks and benefits of Follistim or any other fertility treatment, and all of the options that are available to you. Medical professionals should be able to explain the relative chances of positive results with each treatment and take care to record appropriate conditional information at every step of the process.

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