Will Provera Increase Your Pregnancy Rate if You have Irregular Periods?

Provera is among the more commonly used hormonal supplementation medications. It is often used by women suffering from irregular periods and other menstruation problems. Provera is actually the brand name for Medroxy-progesterone. This is a synthetic form of progesterone—one of the most primary female reproductive and sexual health hormones. However, the utility of Provera in improving disturbed ovulation cycles isn't clear.

Provera Basics

Progesterones play an integral role in the overall regulation of the menstrual cycle. This includes various changes that are induced in the reproductive tract of the female during the child-bearing years. Provera helps to regulate the amount of progesterone and the effect of estrogen on organs like the uterus.

Irregular periods are a serious deterrent to fertility. These are also called anovulatory periods. During this condition, the female is unable to develop and release a properly-developed or mature egg. Thus, chances of a successful fertilization are highly impaired.

Provera Usage

Provera can alleviate the menstrual symptoms to some extent. However, whether it can help in correcting the ovulatory cycle is a matter of argument. Many infertility clinics recommend Provera and other such hormonal supplementation aids as a part of the fertility aids that are recommended to women.

However, the exact role of Provera in improving ovulation to the extent of aiding proper fertilization and hence, establishing pregnancy has not been established. Most fertility specialists recommend using more established aids like Clomid (fertility drug that induces ovulation) or FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) injections for the same purpose. Seeking a professional medical opinion is critical in this regard.

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