4 Ways to Make Giving IVF Injections Easier

IVF infections are administered to stimulate ovulation and provide the necessary hormones for the maturation of the eggs, so that these can be used during the in vitro fertilization procedure. The injections can be administered at a fertility clinic, but you may also learn how to administer these at home to save some time. You can learn how to administer these injections or have your partner administer them for you. Here are four ways to make giving these injections easier:

1. Practice on an Orange

To become more confident, you should practice administering water injections on an orange. Test various methods of holding the syringe and administer as many shots as needed to make sure your hand won’t shake when you get to actually administer the injections you need.

2. Numb the Area

To reduce the sensation in the area where you want to administer the IVF infections, you should use some ice cubes, rubbing alcohol or numbing patches. These will temporarily numb the area and you won’t feel the pinch when you introduce the needle.  

3. Administer the Injection under the Skin

The IVF injections can be administered intramuscularly (in the muscles) or subcutaneously (under the skin). To avoid any injuries, you should administer the injections under your skin. Choose an area (i.e. your hips) where there are adipose cells (fat) and administer the injections in this area.

4. Administer the Injections in Various Locations

To avoid developing nasty bruises or pain, you should administer no more than two injections in the same spot. You should choose other areas to administer the IVF injections.

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