How to Choose a In Vitro Fertilization Specialist

In Vitro Fertilization is an assisted method that can be used to facilitate a pregnancy in patients that may have a difficult time getting pregnant through natural means. The success rates of the In Vitro Fertilization are based on various factors, and the choice of a specialist is crucial. The specialist chosen should be highly skilled; this will increase the chances of pregnancy.

Types of Professionals Who Provide In Vitro Fertilization

There are a number of professionals that are able and have the training to perform the In Vitro Fertilization. These specialists include:

  • Fertility professionals, also known as infertility doctors
  • Embryologists
  • Reproductive endocrinologists

The training of these specialists is made up mainly of an OB/GYN degree and additional specialized training (up to 3 years) that focused on fertility treatment. The In Vitro Fertilization specialist should have accreditation from the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS).

A good professional gets permanently informed on the new procedures in fertility and attends seminars and training programs, so before choosing a specialist, you should ask some questions about these issues as well.

Where to Find Specialists

Your OBGYN should be able to refer you to a good In Vitro Fertilization specialist. You may find In Vitro Fertilization specialists in different media:

  • Online, there are hundreds of websites that advertise fertility specialists, plus numerous other websites that provide info on fertility and have recommendations of skilled specialists. Conduct a search for specialists listed in your area.
  • Local directories
  • Recommendations from friends and people you know

Contact the specialists via email or phone and set up a meeting, or discuss more details on the phone.

Things to Ask

In addition to certification and training, you should be prepared with a list of questions about the procedure.

Ask about:

  • How the procedure is performed
  • How to prepare
  • What to expect
  • Average success rates and personal success rates of the specialist
  • What other procedures are recommended
  • The number of patients and whether they can be contacted

You may also add a few questions that are important for you.

The Facilities and Equipment Used

The facilities where the In Vitro Fertilization is performed and the equipment used should be available for you to visit, so that you can decide if the clinic is suitable for you. You can determine if the clinic is a sterile environment, and make sure to ask if the clinic is accredited.

Other Decision Factors

There may also be additional decision factors that may influence you. Cost can be a decisive factor. However, when choosing a specialist charging a lower price, make sure he has the needed skills and training. Be informed about the full costs, as some clinics will only give you an estimate, which may not include certain fees and you may end up paying more than you’ve planned to.

Choosing the right specialist is among the most important things when getting an In Vitro Fertilization procedure. For this reason, ensure that you consider all your options and take your time to choose a specialist you fully trust.

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