In Vitro Fertilization: Does a Mock Transfer Hurt?

In Vitro Fertilization has gained popularity and is more and more used by couples that are not able to conceive a baby naturally. An in vitro fertilization cycle involves a lot of stages, including preparatory tests and procedures. All of these should be performed with great care, so that the IVF cycle is successful. The mock transfer is one of the preparatory stages of in vitro fertilization. If you are scheduled for such a procedure, you may be wondering if it is painful procedure.

The Mock Transfer

The mock transfer should be scheduled prior to an embryo transfer, and can be performed between days 3 and 12 of the menstrual cycle. The procedure is done to measure the uterus and to establish its depth and direction. This info will come in handy during the actual embryo transfer, when the fertility doctor will know the exact path to take to insert the embryo in the right spot.

Does Mock Transfer Hurt?

The mock transfer is a five-minute procedure and will be done with no anesthesia, but it should not be painful. The fertility doctor will introduce a small catheter in the uterus. Some women may feel cramps in the area of the uterus, but most patients say that the mock transfer doesn't hurt. After the procedure you will be able to go on with your normal routine.

Prevent Discomfort

If you want to prevent discomfort during the mock transfer, you can take some pain medication or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication one or two hours prior to the procedure.

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