The Cost and Financing of In Vitro Fertilization

The cost and financing of in-vitro fertilization is an important consideration when looking for options to conceive. Unfortunately, IVF has two major drawbacks. First, less than 37 percent of women who undergo treatment actually become pregnant. The older you are, the smaller your chances of becoming pregnant. Women over the age of 40 have only a 13 percent chance of becoming pregnant after treatment. This brings about the other drawback. Because of how expensive treatment is, many women cannot afford to keep trying.

General Cost

The cost of in-vitro fertilization varies from state to state and even from clinic-to-clinic. On average, it costs $12,000 per cycle. While a woman might become pregnant on the first try, most women require several cycles before achieving pregnancy. It’s not rare for up to six cycles to be required. Clinics cannot guarantee success either, so you might undergo six cycles and still not end up pregnant.

The $12,000 fee covers all expenses, including drugs, tests, medical care, ultrasounds and of course the procedure itself.

Insurance and Financing

Few insurance providers cover infertility treatment or IVF specifically. Even those that do will likely only offer partial coverage and probably only for the first cycle. For example, some insurance providers cover initial diagnosis and doctor’s visits, while others might also pay for drugs and medications. Before you look for financing options somewhere else, talk to your insurance provider to see what coverage you have.

Many clinics offer their own financing service. These financing plans are offered through banks and work as a loan, with an interest plan and monthly payments.

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