Candidacy for Male Infertility Treatment

Many couples every year face the painful diagnosis of infertility. Modern science, though, has made it possible for many of these people to eventually have children, though male infertility treatment and other assisted reproduction techniques.

What Is Male Infertility Treatment?

Male infertility treatment focuses on correcting or circumventing conditions which prevent a man from successfully conceiving a child. Several conditions can be addressed through different types of male infertility treatment including:

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Erectile dysfunction

Any of these conditions can adversely affect a man's ability to father children. Several medical approaches ranging from drugs to surgery can address these problems. Some approaches include:

  • Sperm retrieval--Sperm are surgically gathered from the testicles prior to artificial insemination
  • Sperm washing--Sperm are retrieved and treated to increase their motility
  • Drug therapy--hormones or other medications are provided to increase sperm production

One or more of these approaches might be employed depending on the man's individual situation.

Candidacy for Male Infertility Treatment

Almost any man who wishes to have children is a candidate for male infertility treatment. However, some conditions do exist which cannot be treated. These include any condition that prevents a man from producing any sperm at all. Certain congenital defects can affect the natural development of the testicles and the mechanisms within the testicles that produce sperm. If the testicles are absent or do not produce sperm, male infertility treatment will not be effective.

To determine if a male is a good candidate for male infertility treatment, a man should consult with a doctor who specializes in male fertility. The doctor will check sperm count and motility, as well as overall health. The doctor will also determine if any existing medical conditions could be contributing to infertility.

With male infertility treatment, many men are able to father children and have the families they and their partners have dreamed of.

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