Cost and Financing of Testicular Sperm Extraction

Testicular sperm extraction is a revolutionary new technique that has been used to help couples struggling with infertility. Through this procedure, a man who can otherwise not produce sperm through ejaculation or other normal measures may have viable sperm from parts of his testes extracted. The procedure requires that a small sample of the tissue of the testes be removed and harvested for sperm, which can then be used to fertilize viable eggs through in vitro fertilization or other methods.

Costs of Testicular Sperm Extraction

Due to the very sensitive and delicate nature of the task, and also to the fact that various in vitro fertilization methods are required in order to make use of the sperm that is extracted, testicular sperm extraction typically costs between about $5000 and $15,000. The variations in cost depend upon the difficulty of obtaining the sperm and are related to the health of the testes and other issues.

Financing Testicular Sperm Extraction

Some insurance plans will cover all or part of the costs of this procedure, depending upon the nature of the reason why the procedure itself is necessary. However, most plans will not. Financing can oftentimes be done by making payments over an extended period of time. Each specialist and medical center has a different set of guidelines for how this exact financing works, however, so it's important to check in with any potential surgeons you'll be working with.

For the best prices and financing options, be sure to look around and consider all of your options.

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