How to Choose a Male Infertility Treatment Specialist

For those wishing to pursue male infertility treatment, the choice of a specialist is an important one. In addition to considerations of cost, insurance and proven results, you must consider experience and ethical issues while choosing a doctor.

When to Look for a Specialist

The decision to consult a male infertility specialist is largely a personal one, but there are some guidelines commonly suggested for couples trying to conceive a child. In general, if you have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a year, or for six months if your partner is over 35, you will want to have a doctor check for fertility issues. Initial work can be performed by your urologist and your partner's gynecologist, but if fertility does seem to be an issue, the time has come to speak to a specialist in the area.

Choosing a Specialist

There are several ways to find a specialist in male infertility treatment, including:

  • Ask a urologist or gynecologist for a recommendation
  • Look for board certifications and memberships in high-profile organizations in their specific field
  • Research individual doctors' credentials and backgrounds
  • Ask for recommendations from others who have undergone fertility treatments

Your primary care physician or insurance company might provide referrals and recommendations, as well. You can also visit websites of various practitioners in your area to see what their credentials are and what kind of success rate they have. When choosing a male infertility treatment specialist, research is an important step to take before making a final decision.

You might also choose to be treated at a fertility clinic. If you wish to use a clinic, many of the same criteria applies when you are deciding what clinic is most likely to provide the results, care and support that you and your partner will need.

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