How to Prepare for Male Infertility Treatment

A male infertility treatment may be applied in patients that have different fertility problems and want to have a child. There are several techniques of male infertility treatment, which will be applied according to your condition and preferences. However, these male infertility treatments will require some preparation.

Types of Male Infertility Treatments

There are several types of male infertility treatment, ranging from medication treatment to surgery. The male infertility treatments that involve surgery include:

  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Transurethral section of the ejaculatory duct
  • Varicocele ligation
  • Sperm collecting techniques

Treatments that won’t involve surgery include:

  • Hormonal therapy
  • Electroejaculation therapy
  • Spinal cord injury treatments

There are also alternative treatments such as counseling, yoga and relaxation techniques, stress reduction therapy or nutritional counseling. If you have a fertility problem, a fertility specialist may determine the cause of infertility and recommend a few suitable treatments. For most of these, you will have to prepare, so as to make sure they will give successful results.

Preparing for Surgery

If your fertility specialist will recommend a surgery, you will have to prepare. Your doctor will give you specific instructions, depending on the type of surgery.

However, regardless of the procedure, there are a few common pre-operatory guidelines:

  • You should fast for 24 hours prior to the surgery.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or other non steroidal anti inflammatory medication, as these will prolong the bleeding during the surgery.
  • Get tests to make sure you are not allergic to the anesthetic.
  • Get informed on the surgery, find out about the risks involved and the success rates.
  • Get pain medications for after the surgery.
  • Arrange for someone to pick you up after the surgery, as you will be under sedation. In some cases, a few days of hospitalization will be required, so your will have to take a few days off.

Other Guidelines

Prior to a male infertility treatment, you should always watch your diet and possibly change your lifestyle. It has been demonstrated that smoking and alcohol affect fertility, so try to quit these nasty habits at least before the male infertility treatment and until after successfully conceiving a baby.

You should also keep an eye on your diet and get a few foods that relieve stress, increase immunity and contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a healthy sperm count and quality sperm. Zinc supplements are particularly effective in boosting male fertility. Get your zinc from vegetables such as broccoli, red meats, beans and legumes, nuts, whole grain or blackcurrant. Zinc supplements may also be found in pharmacies.

If you are overweight, you should consider dropping a few pounds through exercise or dieting. However, avoid crash diets, as these are not beneficial for your health and certainly not good for your fertility. If you are about to take hormonal treatment or other medications, find out if these will interact with the medications you may be taking.

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